Tuesday, September 05, 2006

GAYS! Serve thy hetrosexual butt master... or else...

You have gotta love people who write articles like this. I mean... they are so far up their own bums that they have this idea that whether they agree with someone elses lifestyle or not is relevant...

Okay, everyone knows the facts about homosexuality, otherwise known as the “free choice of gays” by now, right? Highest AIDS rate, the lowest average life expectancy amongst the males, family issues, destruction of lives of young children because of the same-sex home, highest drug addiction rates....so on...and on...and on...these are some of the characteristics of a typical gay lifestyle. Still we continue to claim that everybody has the choice to be gay. Let's analyze this “choose to be gay rant” that we like to parrot, shall we?

Well I'm glad we got that straight. Hetrosexual relationships don't lead to any of the above and homosexual ones TYPICALLY do. YEAH... right. And who is claiming we have choice to be gay? I don't have a choice. I do not, can not, find women attractive nor does female companionship make me happy in the same way male relationships do. As Archbishop Tutu says... only a loon would choose to be gay!! Not that it isn't an absolute blast...

Now I don't have anything against gay people struggling with homosexuality (and it is a struggle from what I understand)

Oh good. Love the sinner hate the sin? And yes it is a struggle... a struggle to keep our arguments decent when faced by facist creatures like you. No wonder gay men turn to drugs so often (based on your hypothesis anyway), putting up with this kind of comment day in and day out really wears you down.

Then why not try and help gay people overcome this problem instead of encouraging them in this unnatural and deadly lifestyle? Come on now, someone has to call this one out. Being gay is NOT natural! The root cause of this is most of the time something else. Something like trauma through a person of the opposite sex that almost forces a person to become gay! Or extremely low self esteem that makes one believe he/she would never be accepted by someone of the opposite sex (I personally know people who've fallen into homosexuality through both of these reasons).

My secrets out... I once got turned down by a prospective girlfriend when I was 6 years old (she wouldn't share my ice cream) and since then I've liked being done up the arse.

UNNATURAL?? Erm... exactly how??? Anything that is possible is natural. What you meant to say is "Being gay is not moral, in my not so well informed but perfectly valid opinion".

LISTEN UP PEOPLE. I'm sick to death of putting up with articles like this which presuppose us queers have some moral duty to conform to the writers prejudices. Can't we just get on with our lives, in peace and quiet with all the rights of a normal citizen???


  1. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Screw whoever thinks that! You are totally right, Jae!

  2. Anonymous11:00 pm

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