Sunday, July 24, 2005

Whoops... Part 2

BBC News reports that the shot man was from Brazil. His family explain that he ran from the police because he once lived on a slum in Sao Paulo, which understandably is a very nasty place to live and could obviously cause emotional problems and a dislike of police. Interesting considering 1) he had lived in this country for 3 years thus should of understood that he no longer lived in a slum (well in Sao Paulo at least) and 2) the day before he discussed the 21/07/2005 attacks with a friend and expressed his concern about tube travel... so he should have been aware that running into a tube station and jumping over ticket barriers while wearing a coat in summer may cause some concern. Especially when the police are asking you to stop....

Now... I find the idea of an innocent man being killed appalling. But that disgust only covers people who did nothing at all strange, such as the man who was shot dead because he was carrying a piano leg. He didn't try to run. He didn't do anything suspicious, other than hold a package reminiscent of a gun. So if this Stockwell victim had been shot because he was wearing a coat, I would be asking for the polices badges. BUT HE RAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this is a case of stupidity. And for once not on the part of the British Police force who acted to protect those at Stockwell station who they procieved to be under threat.

The whole argument that they were not obviously police smacks of idiocy... they advised they asked him to stop, in the name of the police.

Click here for a more balanced view of the incident than my own!


  1. Honestly, I'm on board with you. It's a tragedy, but he had to know that running from the police in Britain, especially under current conditions - would make matters worse.

  2. Exactly I feel very sorry for him, and wish that such a thing hadn't occured. But common sense should have stopped him from doing anything so silly!