Friday, July 22, 2005


Strange how quiet this blog is now, and how strangely liberating it is not to have so many readers as I used to have. I can write any old shit in here and to be perfectly honest it wouldn't matter. That's fairly cool.

Life? Erm... despite working only a short distance from Oval and Stockwell stations where there have been attempted suicide bombings (supposedly) life continues as normal. I grow increasingly tired of this country. I want to leave, move abroad to Europe or Asia, learn a new language.

of course when you are in love things like that are much harder than before. But it's well worth the sacrifice. Jim is more than I could ever have hoped for. Kind, funny, random, forceful, intelligent in an understated way and lovely. He makes up for the years of depression and disillusionment.

Off to Prague and Warsaw next month, something I am increasingly getting excited about. Went to see Les Miserables for second time this year last night. I love that show. Cept for the part about queers where the audience all laugh in a very depressing manner... as if just cos a man's queer, he's someone to laugh at...


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