Saturday, July 23, 2005

Take A Step To The Left

Whoops. Ok, while I would express sympathy with the shot man's family I still have a few questions... the day after terrorist attacks on tube stations why would he ignore police warnings to stop, jump over the ticket barrier and onto a tube train? I hope someone answers these questions as well as the usual "who is responsible for this tragedy?" In fact given the circumstances the reaction of the police seems fairly sane compared to the mans reaction... let's hope someone explains what happened!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been pondering my position as a liberal. I am someone who has sat on the left in most socially affairs debates, and on the right of most economical debates. But the increasing fundamentalism of capitalist organisations such as the World Bank has made me start to question my position. So I am redefining myself as a pinko leftie. I left my last trade union at the same time as I left TVW, I'm currently contemplating joining the USDAW. And possibly looking to joining a socialist party (one with a good distance between it and so called "communist" regimes.

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