Tuesday, July 26, 2005

When Your 6'9"

Imagine you live in a world where most people are a good foot shorter than you, and a few even smaller. Imagine that this world has been designed for these mini people. Every chair you sit in, door you walk under and corridor you walk down has been designed for midgets.

That is the life I lead. It used to really annoy me, then I didn't worry about it, and now it's a mild irritant. Like sitting on the trains. On trains it is impossible to sit in just one seat... I need two seats to fit my legs in. So obviously to avoid being anti social I don't sit on a train. Planes... anyone elses plane journey is fraught with stress... did I remember to pack my passport? Is the train gonna get us there in time? My plane trip? I hope I get there earlier enough to get a seat by the exit so I can actually get on the plane...

Then there's the staring. Ok.. why oh why do people seem to think they can stare at me, without me staring intently back at them?? Do they think I can't hear them when they say "Cor he's a big lad"? Yes I am and you're an ugly man but hey I kept my rude and nasty thoughts to myself.

On the plus side I can see things others can't see, I don't spend my time on trains avoiding eye contact as I can do that naturely, and people don't get in my way (as I'll squash them otherwise!).


  1. You know, Andre the Giant had the same problem you do. He was 7'9", though. You would happen to have acromegaly, would you?

    By the way, Faulty Towers is the best.

  2. Anonymous7:52 am

    nope... i'm just fiendishly tall!

  3. The optimistic side of me would say: It should be regarded as a blessing and a curse.

    The other part sympathizes. At least you live a world that doesn't have travelling circuses that use freak shows, where people payed to stare and laugh. Now they actually have the decency to feel ashamed after you glare at them( (presumably).