Saturday, July 16, 2005

Vive le revolution!

For the whole course of history, from Spartacus to Solidarity, opressed people have risen up and fought for their freedom. Isn't it about time we omee-palones (and palone-omees) rose up and claimed the freedoms which are rightfully ours? Our youth are abused, our elderly denied basic pension rights, we are treated as cases for pity at the very best. We can not "marry" although hey those straights have let us have civil partnerships. Ain't that kind of them?

It is time we stopped being so god darn grateful to our straight benefactors and started TAKING what is ours... freedom to love, freedom from interference in our lives, protection from homophobes and idiots.

This story disturbs me. Something has to be done, and it's time we stopped allowing people to get away with this. Adults going to "ex gay" caqmps is one thing. Forcing confused 16 year old boys to go is SICK. Straight people... leave our kids alone! The response to the Free Zach campaign is encouraging, but not enough... where's the international outcry???

Poor Zach. I wish I could categorically join the free Zach movement although I'd like to hear his side of the story, now after all the hype, before flinging myself into the debate... but I think it shows the usual... straight people, and their "ex gay" collaborators, opressing and controlling impressionable young queers. A nation wouldn't stand for this abuse, so why do we people joined together by something even more powerful than blood (love) let our hetrosexual brothers and sisters control us so much?

And the question I ask myself? How can I help stop this stuff from happening????

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