Saturday, July 30, 2005

Not The Whole Story - Read Between The Lines

I've been quite busy of late and I'm too tired to say anything too political, interesting or witty (ok, as if I would have anyway!).

So I'll do something that I was gonna save for my LJ... I'll tell you what I've been up to!

On Thursday there was a work night out to the Motion Bar on Victoria Embankment. Drinks were bought for by the company and so everyone drank for all they were worth. It was interesting to see more people in a non work situation, and I had a laugh, even if I was somewhat inebriated... not really my sort of place, they had a guy in the loo to hand you a towel. I'm a bit above that thank you. That's something for the middle class boring sods...

On Friday after work a few of us headed to Tooting Broadway for a BBQ at the marketing managers house. It was again a good laugh. Carissa, a Californian who sits (sat) next to me, was leaving work so that was a bit sad. She was hilarious, and fun to be around.

Wandered into the kitchen at one point and Vince and Carissa were debating the words to a Meatloaf song. I stupidly told them the words to "I'll do anything for love" which caused them to do the funniest but also the worst performance of that song I've ever witnessed...

I found out Vince was gay... possibly...

Got home, not drunk for once!, and found Ian was round... and watched the first episode of Seaquest DSV (COOL!).

Saturday... got up early and headed to Brighton. Long term readers will know of my love hate relationship with that town. Got to Brighton, bought some new shoes at High and Mighty, ate a breakfast at Burger King, showed Jim St James Street, quick stop of the pier, a meal at Momma Cherri's (as seen on Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares. The food was fabulous. The service appalling. But the food... simply heavenly), then we went to the Odeon to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (second viewing opinion... I love it. Bravo! But had too girls sitting behind me [ugly as sin] who when I sat down screamed "Oh no" until they realised I wasn't gonna block their view. I quickly told them off for being rude... I wanted to tell them that being so hideously ugly they needed to improve their manners as they really currently had nothing going for them but I'm too polite for that), then back to the pier for the arcade and the fun fair and fish and chips. Then home again..


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