Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Umbrellas, Spawn of Satan?

Ok. I hate London when it rains. I'm not talking about the refraction
of light, or the miserable attitude it brings out (people are always
miserable!). I'm talking about umbrellas.

In Folkestone you don't encounter that many umbrellas. Most people
drive so very few people are prepared for wet weather to the extent of
bringing their umbrellas out with them. In London the daily struggle
that is the commute brings out the survivalist in us all. And the
umbrellas appear at the mere threat of rain.

I am the perfect height (well that's patently obvious) for being hit
in the eye by badly handled umbrellas. Now some people are kind enough
to see me coming and raise their umbrellas. However due the the fact
their vision is obscured they do this at the last moment thus
attempting to poke me in the eye, and rip it from it's socket in one

THis is my advice should you see me walking down the road and you are
in possession of an umbrella... aim it down!!! I have spent the years
of my adult life building up a defense against such items... a beer
gut... aim there rather than my eye! Cheers...


  1. Cool blog and cool message

  2. er... hmm....

    about the tall thing... they prob all gettin hard-ons lookin at u... hehehehe.. Tall guys are hot! could be a support group, T.G.H.
    and the umbrellas.. when it rains in Australia..rarely does it ever, i gently tip the umbrella sideways at people when i walk by so they get very,very wet.

    mmmm wetness..... ;=)