Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Map Of Africa

Hmm... the world today. Human beings have so much potential. When intelligent people work together amazing things can happen. Look at some of our transport systems, our monuments, our food, and our culture. It brims with brilliance. Who can walk out of Canary Wharf tube station without thinking "That wasn't half bad".

Sadly I get the impression that those who will hold back progress, who would rather spend their time moaning about the world today than sort it out, are ever increasingly taking over. The NIMBYs, and the Live8ers, and George Bush. They stand in ourn way. The NIMBYs just want a quiet life... well tough bloody luck... life is meant to be safe, quiet or secure. It is meant to be vibrant, energetic, and ever changing. The moment you stop changing is the moment that you become an irrelevance.

Live8ers... they have created a perception of a continent of victims. They have allowed people to become so deepseated in this view that they can't begin to comprehend that REAL people live in Africa, work in Africa and create amazing pieces of art, and culture. How can Africa be free when the people who are supposed to be looking out for their interests are partying in Hyde Park listening to dreary western music acts performed by shockingly rich people.

George Bush. Global warming. Nuff Said.

I hate going outside more and more these days. Stupid people seem to be multiplying... people who think that Africa is a country, that marriage is normal and not a daft socialisation, people who can't even imagine the glory of the world and who live their dreary lives never wanting more... I can't take it much longer...

I'm drowning in a sea of drudgery.

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