Saturday, November 15, 2003

When You Wish Upon A Star

As is tradition on this blog at times of the year when I expect pressies I put on a ***Wish List***. Just so anyone who wants to buy me something knows what I want!!

he he...

Ok so yesterday. I headed for town and got my hair cut, then caught a train to London. On the train I had to listen as a Christian school teacher tried to convert a Buddhist Nepalese mother and child. (Folkestone has a high concentration of Nepalese as the Gurhkas are stationed in Shornecliffe Barracks). It was cringe worthy stuff.

I arrived in London and headed for Soho (shocking but true!). Bought stuff in Prowler Soho, and as I left was confronted by a Madame "Wanna come in and see some of my girls for free?" "Erm.. not really, I am gay" (which should of been obvious by my coming out of the biggest gay shop in Soho....) "Oh... I see... that's.. er... nice..."

I went to Tower Records and HMV and spent hours lusting in Bookers and Waterstones over books... bought some Xmas gifts. Got lost in a cavernous department store I always forget the name of (and always get lost in, it's a grand tradition!).

Wandered around touristy locales marvelling at the beauty of London on a winters day. Well it was more autumnal yesterday. The Sun shone thru the trees on the Mall, which had British and American flags flying all the way up and down its length (there's a state visit by President Bush Jnr next week). Even the centre of evil (Buckingham Palace) looked rather glorious. And was taken by the Pelicans in St James Park. I've never noticed them before.

One thing... High and Mighty on Oxford Street is the most awful High and Mighty I have ever been in!! Shall stick to Brighton and Croydon for clothes shopping from now on.

Headed back to Folkestone on train staring at most gorgeous guy in world who for a brief while made life just that bit more beautiful. He left the train at my home station Westenhanger, off for some amazingly romantic adventures I am certain.

I carried on to Folkestone and meet up with Zoe and Claire (back from uni for weekend). headed to Claire's, where I reaquainted myself with my seat. Don't ask. Then went to Zoe's and saw her Mum and Chips (her cat).

Once Zoe was ready we went to my house, I got ready, then we headed for Spoons had a meal, went to Skuba to meet... Ben. We then headed to Leas Club where Zoe saw Gem and me and ben spotted Matt. Then twas home via very scary Romney Marsh roads (dropped Ben off home in Palmarsh).

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