Wednesday, November 19, 2003

All This In My Head

Dude Where's My Country by Michael Moore is grrreat... but have some reservations about expressing my undying love for Mr Moore.... see Spinsanity.

Christmas pressies.... need to get buying....... Amazon

While the rest of the country has said their final farewells to an evil law Kent retains the spirit of Section 28 within it's school curricullum. Kent is the county I have lived in all my life. And for the first time I feel a lot like leaving for good. Of all the places to keep it.. it has to be the county I live in... bloody Kentish Conservatives..... I think it is the most stupid law... no homosexual wants to promote homosexuality.. we just don't want gay children to be left without infomation and help during a very difficult and scary period in their lives. I know straight people will not have experienced it but I am sure that they can understand what it's like to realise you are not only different to everyone else, but are different to what you thought you were. Gay kids with the info are going to be far more "normal" than gay kids without.

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