Tuesday, November 04, 2003

My Head Hurts But I Don't Know Why

Sunday, while Gareth worked, I headed off to Canterbury for a few hours to browse. Which is all you can do for most of the morning, I was soon to discover. Although shops such as Waterstones don't sell anything till 11 a.m. on a Sunday they do open before that for some browse time. This is a very clever move on their part. I ran in there, grabbed a book, headed to the check out, before i overheard that it's only "browse time". Being too embarassed to replace book and come back when they properly opened I wandered round pretending to browse.

I don't really shop. I buy. I normally know exactly what I want before I arrive, get it and leave. Impulse purchases are rare. So getting this extra time to browse, I started to shop. Before I knew it I had a pile of book as long as my arm and twice as high. Away with my budget and free time for the rest of my pay month!!! Among purchases: Dude Where's My Country by my political hero Michael Moore and the Darwin Awards 3. Even more amusing ways people have killed themselves. He he...

Then a quick shop in HMV relieved me of more of that weighty money in my pocket. Halloween 5 (truely awful... 4 was good for a sequel, 5 totally tosh.. I loved it) and Halloween Resurrection (for the post Blair Witch generation que bad camera angles). Watched Final Destination on Sunday night with Gareth. Funny how I can watch all sorts of horror moviesfor hours and not get scared while that movie and it's sequel terrify me! Love them.

Monday got train to work from Gareths as per usual.

My interview/presentation for new job is on Thursday at half one. The other three candidates are really taking it seriously. They seem very competitive. I am nervous (but then again I worry about EVERYTHING) but shall do my best. And try not to let it worry me so much!

Mum is away. Haven't seen her in bloody ages. She has taken to phoning me. You wouldn't think we lived in the same house!

It is Guy Fawkes Night tomorrow (again, it comes around quickly!) but for once I shall most likely be staying in swotting up on my presentation (had a free choice of presentation.. have chosen the Water Cycle).

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