Saturday, November 22, 2003

A Multitude Of Sins

Thursday I went to Cineworld with Zoe, John, and Elliot to see Love Actually. It was ok, but really depressing. Which I don't think it was meant to be. Oh dear!

Friday was a Children In Need Fun Day, and as per my social committee responsiblities, I managed to raise about £40 quid from my two pet projects; a book sale and a table football tournament. Over all the office looks set to have raised over £350 pound!.

I got off work early as I had volunteered to help man the Children in Need phones! I went up with Stacey and Lorraine and David, Rosanna and Julie came up in David's car. We made good progress to Hatfield so decided to stop off at South Mimms services for a break. This was a stupid error. The traffic was so awful when we left it took us 40 minutes to go... 100 yards!!!!!!!!!!

By the time we got there we had 3 minutes till the lines opened..... panic! The calls for our area were being handled by our companies HQ, and it was good to finally meet some people who we chat to every day, friends and collegues who had until now been faceless voices on the phone. Being in an offshoot office can leave you feeling rather isolated.

We were there flying the flag for Folkestone office for 3 1/2 hours the quickest 3 1/2 hours in my life. The calls were good natured, but alas we had some stupid people. Most stupid of which was one woman who phoned and (she was a grown adult by the way) asked if she could speak to Busted "cos she has just seen em on the telly". She seemed generally shocked when I said they weren't in our call centre! Madness! Lots of "I LOVE SHANE RITCHIE" calls and men phoning up and offering hundreds of pounds for a Will Young autograph "for their wives". Yeah right mate....

Anyway was most exciting and we even had food bought for us,... mmm.... and really hot guy serving drinks... mmmmmmmm..... Had a good laugh with Stacey and Lorraine on way there and back.

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