Saturday, November 29, 2003

Need To Know

Yesterday after work I headed out with Zoe to the Leas Club, Elliot was there already and it was good to be out with my mates. Ray and his brother Steve turned up shortly after (Ray is Zoe's new thingy [don't know what they are calling themselves.. probably Zoe and Ray no doubt]). Rob, two randoms, and Arron turned up as well. Had an ok night. Drunk lots. Got called a slut and a manwhore. Hmm....

Zoe was very sweet and bought me a big bar of Dairy Milk to cheer me up.

Today was a 'orrible day. Had to go to Gareth's to pick up some stuff I had left there. On train from Westenhanger to Ashford there was a crazy lady (who I got the joy to sit opposite). She jumped off train while it was just about to start to stop. Silly lady.

Got to gareth's went in picked up bag, left quickly, locking door behind me. I wander off down street thinking my bags slightly heavier than it should be. I stop and upon invesigating discover i have a DVD and video in there I didn't put in it. It was a nice thought of Gareth's but it just made things seem even worse.

So I gott'd trains home (I have been on 5 trains today!). Only good thing today was the cute bloke I saw on the way home from London the other week, was on the train again, and this time we both got off at Westenhanger. Turns out he lives in Lympne. Cool.

Otherwise it has been a crappy day of a crappy week. Now I am off to eat lots of chocolate and watch TV. Woo.... I spose this is what I have to look forward to in the foreseeable future, as Zoe is now otherwise engaged (which is grreat don't get me wrong) and I have nowt better to do.

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