Monday, November 17, 2003

it's the price i am willing to meet

So after completing my last blog I got myself a train from Westenhanger to Ramsgate and dossed at Gareth's house waiting for him to come home. We had dinner and headed for Canterbury and Bar 11 (our second home?). Managed with an amazing amount of flair to spill lager down me. Joy! Jon and his mates Karen and Malcolm (last seen at Jon's birthday trip to London). There was a very amusing lady who after screaming "COCAINE" at the top of lungs was dragged (literally) from the bar andthen after much banging on windows was sat upon by someone, he looked like a bouncer but maybe he was just some passerby, who happened to feel the need to restrain her. She was a plonker so I can't blame him.

Saw Greg and his friend from London Pride there as well. After lots of drinking in Bar 11 we headed for Girls And boYs. Now I know that I said it was crap last time, but after going to Caddies and there being only 3 people there last time it was on, we HAD to go this time or just not bother clubbing at all. It was some army theme night and I only just managed to avoid getting covered in camoflage paint (a lucky escape!).

Turned out the night wasn't as awful as before. In fact with the help of some light refreshments (i.e. lots and lots of beer!) I danced! Amazing!!! I saw Katy from work, and hugged her. I am sure she was pleased about that.. or not..

Anyway, after getting in car to go home my memory begins to fade....

Sunday we got up and rushed around getting ready for lunch with Jon in Bar 11! When I went to get some drinks Angela (the owner) looks at me and goes "Not you again!". Anyway had gorgeous roast dinner with Turkey (early Thanksgiving?). If you are ever in Canterbury and fancy a nice, inexpensive meal in pleasant surroundings you can't go wrong with Bar 11. And no it is not a gay bar! It has families and old married couples there during the day!!!

After that we went shopping, I bought Beetlejuice on DVD (rocking!!!!!!!!). Me and Gareth went back to his and watched Finding North, a gift I'd picked him up when I was in Prowler Soho on Friday.

All in all a nice weekend.

I didn't get my job that I applied for. Was warmed by the fact that neither did anyone else. We were all too rubbish for the job!!!!!!!!

Right must dash off to a Social Committee meeting..... hmm.. I'd thought I'd resigned.....

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