Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Brent Corrigan Moves On?

As Dear Constant Readers will know, Brent Corrigan is one of those folks who have had a fairly consistent prescence on this blog. Ever since I first saw him I knew he was something special (thanks to Jim for turning me on to him, so to speak).

Well I'm sad to see it looks like he is withdrawing from public life, at least according to his most recent blog post. Well Mr Corrigan, I'd just like to say.. farewell and thanks for all the pics!! I'm also sad to see it looks like his relationship isn't going so well with his boyfriend. Sending my hugs over to Sean (his real name, which I once banned from being mentioned on this blog back during those dark days of the backbiting web campaign against him). It's a shame one such a talented individual moves on with their life, but hey I still await to see his performance in Another Gay Sequel which should be good. Best of luck to him for the future.

In other news... the BBC News page is looking all pretty. And the news from Zimbabwe isn't so bad either.

My addiction to Second Life has evolved into fascination. Well at least that's the distinction I'm now making and I'm sticking to it. If you wanna find me on there my Avatar is Jae Villa. He's such a cutie and looks particularly good in a Jim designed shirt. Yum! Also... he has got a denim jacket.... if I can't find one in real life at least I've got one online now!!

At some point I went a bit mad on Google Reader and now get 200 posts to read a day. I apologise for lack of comments around blogging universe... I do read every post from you lot, even Steve's posts in Dutch! I just don't have much time between my busy schedule of Second Life and sleep to actually making not so witty remarks on them. Sorry!


  1. Fascination, that sounds better! Can we see a pic of Jae Villa?

    I'm surprised to find out that you read my Dutch posts (April's Fool's joke?). I hope you can understand it a bit; at least you can enjoy the mobile photoblogging I do now and then.

    However, I also have an International blog (Steveweb|Blog), with less posts and just a few topics, but at least you can read it more easily than my Dutch one.

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