Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather John Waters

I'm assuming this rather interesting encounter with my ancestor occurred in 1902 at the time of the Coronation of Edward VII, sadly he died that same year.

From the Goudhurst Coronation Book.

I found Mr Waters returning home after a spell of Hop picking for despite his 84 years he likes to feel he is doing something useful. He thinks it is far the best plan for old people not to give up, but to keep on pottering about and take an interest in everything instead of sitting about and moping as some prefer to do! He takes long walks does odd jobs about the house and I should say his is a contented old age.

In June this year I had had a talk with Mr Waters sister Mrs Osborne who lives at The Gables Kilndown see pages 396 397 As there indicated Mr Waters is the son of John Waters who lived to be over 90 He predeceased his wife a short while.Latterly he had lived for many years at The Hollies but previously he had held Nursery Farm on the main road in succession to his father who was also John "He was a Scotney man, a foreman there said Mr Waters My dad assisted in the building of the mansion at Scotney Castle"

Mr Waters was born in this house at the Hollies on January xxx 1852 Adding to his 84 years his fathers occupation of the house it has been in the Waters family for nearly 100 years.

His wife who died about 40 years ago was Elizabeth Brignell before her marriage. The ceremony was at Burwash Church where she was living at the time although her home was at Hurst Green.

Mr and Mrs Waters had nine children four boys and five girls One died eight are living. Frank Aged 48 lives with xxx Fred (my great, great, great Grandfather) is at Riseden Walter at Hillside Kilndown Jim at Sittingbourne Florence (Mrs Wright) at Lamberhurst xx at Canterbury, Bertha at Pembury and Alice.

Mr Waters first wages were 4d a day working at a tender xx for Mr Brissenden of Bewl Bridge. After three months pulling up charlock and such like jobs he left to better things having a remarkable increase to 7d a day paid him by Mr Lansdell also of Bewl Bridge "but t'other side of the bridge that'd be Lamberhurst, this side's Kilndown"

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