Sunday, April 20, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing

The News of the World (and it's readers) often wrap themselves up in the faux flag of patriotism. But they are not patriots... they are run by a naturalised American right wing capitalist who cares nothing for our history and only for cheap shots and controversy.

See for instance the non-story of Prince William's use of a Chinook helicopter during his flight training.

The flight was described as "ridiculous and inappropriate" by aviation author Jon Lake, quoted in the News of the World.

WHY?? Nowhere in this piece does it explain how it was inappropriate?? He landed for 20 seconds!! How did he gain from this???

"This is an absolute waste of training hours on the Chinook helicopter that the military are hard-pressed to afford," he told the paper.

Hmm... I wonder why that could be... could it be because of our intervention in Iraq. I wonder whether the Dirty Digger was happy to support that...

"No other pilot at Prince William's stage of training would be allowed anywhere near the left-hand seat of a Chinook."

No other pilot is heir to the throne, nor in line to become head of the Armed Forces. Honestly guys, of course he's going to be given special dispensation is he wants it. He's PRINCE William. But again... what was he allowed to do this time that was so special??? Ooo.. he landed on his girlfriends parents land... for 20 seconds!! SCANDAL!

In a statement, the MoD said battlefield helicopter crews routinely practised landing in fields and confined spaces away from airfields as part of their training for conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Helicopter bases continually seek permission from land owners to use their fields and there are only two fields permanently available in Hampshire. Opportunities to use alternatives are therefore regularly seized."

It added: "The aircraft landed in the field, after taking all necessary safety precautions, and was on the ground for 20 seconds.

"No-one got on or off the aircraft. This was very much a routine training sortie that achieved essential training objectives."

Is this not the most ridiculous thing for the NoW to be running when there are so many worthwhile stories out there? Anyone remember Zimbabwe??? The economy?


  1. Well of course there's nothing wrong with being a capitalist and many of the worst things done in recent human history have not been done by your archetypical 'right-wingers', but by left-wingers! ;)

    I refer you, for the latter, to Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, a Marxist crackkpot - you mentionn, ironically enough, that country in your post. But one could also cite Hitler's Germany, or Stalin's Russia - Hitler ideology was in fact far-left, not far-right, as many left-wingers would have you believe. This has parallels in UK history - the British Fascist Party was more potent in traditional Labour areas than in Conservative ones, just as the BNP is today.

    No, the real criticism of Rupert Murdoch is that he is a rabid Republican, so will naturally try to undermine our Monarchy in any way he can - given his Australian and ultimately Irish background.

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