Saturday, April 26, 2008

Holiday Time!!

Friday night and work was over!!! I met Jim at Waterloo and wandered along and across the Thames to Drury Lane. We went to the Lowlander, a "Grand Cafe". It was nice and we were shortly joined by Mark and Jo. We had a couple of drinks, caught up and Jim tried a Banana flavoured beer (which, to my surprise, was absolutely delicious).

We then popped over the road to Great Queen Street for what was 1) a birthday meal for Jim, 2) the second of our monthly trips out, and 3) a meal to say farewell as all of us were about to leave the country. The service was good, the waitress knowledgeable and the food was delicious. I had crab on toast to start, followed by a truly awesome Pigeon and Foie Gras Pastie. Who knew pigeon was so delicious??

I avoided the desserts as they looked a little poncy and I like my desserts simple and honest.

Halfway through the restaurant was visited by some American army guys, one of who was quite the dish... Mmm...

Well and truly stuffed we went and had a few beers outside of the Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden. There we were accosted by a couple of tramps, and Mark and I even got a nice hug off one guy from Tanzania looking for money. He told me I was human which was nice, but alas he got no money from us...

We got the train back to Greenwich and had a night cap at the local, where Jim got given a bottle of Champagne. Lucky boy.

It was a lovely night out.

Saturday brought an early start as we headed down to Lympne to see the folks. My uncle David was back from Mexico with his girlfriend Cecilia who was very nice (although a little quiet, probably because she is a bit shy with her English skills). Had a nice time, with a nice meal ala Jim, some lovely gifts from Mum, and a nice drive.

Bad point: hitting a pheasant with the car. :( It flew off but still...

It's been a busy few days... time for sleep!!


  1. Always nice when someone confirms you are human...

  2. It's especially nice when it's tramp telling you... that really means something!!

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