Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hypocrite Tories Make Me Laugh

The News of the World and the Tories both go on about traditional values and then break their own rules constantly.

I hate living in a world where 1) a Lord having drug filled orgies is worthy of reporting and 2) where a Conservative politician thinks it's ok to have drug filled orgies and remain a member of a Conservative party hell bent on enforcing faux "values" upon the citizens of this country.

Wake up! Sex and drugs have been here forever and will be around forever. The conservative movement is pissing into the wind if they think they can change things by espousing tougher laws and values rather than trying to enact more progressive change. Look into the past to harems and the Opium trade and you'll see how things never change...


  1. What makes me 'laugh' is the hypocrisy of all this. Quite frankly I would much prefer if Lord Laidlaw had the courage to tell you and any others who question his lifestyle to 'get knotted'! If he wants to have drug and sex-fuelled 'orgies' then good luck to him - none of the participants seems to have a bad word to say about the man.

    I have little time for 'conventional morality' of any kind. Whilst I have never personally indulged in illegal drugs of any kind I think there is a lot of 'cant' and general nonsense spoken on the issue and whom one wishes to sleep with, or watch having sex with is in my opinion of no possible interest to anyone but those participating - always providing that there is no corecion involved. The idea that the willingness to sell one's body for sex is in some way 'wrong' is in my view quite laughable. Lots of people (wives and girlfriends - even nowadays some boyfriends in straight relationships - not to mention Prince Philip I suppose) accept favours of one kind or another - whether it be a lavish meal, or a fancy necklace or pair or ear-rings, as part of an implicit 'deal' that sex will follow.

    I am a libertarian - let people live their lives how they choose, and that includes Lord Laidlaw and the people he hires for what seems to me like pretty innocent fun. Thes 'morality' games are too easily turned against people who one happens not to like; just look at some of the dirt that was thrown at Brian Paddick a few years back because of the policies he advocated toward cannabis whilst a serving senior police officer and some muck-raking journalists decided to make an example of him because of the fact he is gay and an easy target to parade before a gullible public.

    None of this is really the fault of the Conservative, or any other, political party - however, they and all other political parties have to contend with the hypocrisy and small-mindedness of most of our fellow-Britons when roused to indignation by the tabloid press, whether of the left- or right-wing variety. I do not feel like joining in the hypocrisy - let Lord Laidlaw and, for that matter, Peter Mandelson or Mark Oaten, lives their lives how they choose. I will not join in the point-scoring for base political purposes; if you take this as a criticism then so be it.

    I have never before criticised one of your articles (nor have I ever remarked on my reaction to some of your 'call-centre' rants - and won't start now), suffice to say that I am seriously irratated by your post to which this is a comment.

    However, notwithstanding any of the foregoing, I hope you have a seriously wonderful holiday in Thailand.

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