Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jae Finds Out Something About Himself

If you admit to being abusive, rude or just nasty to a customer service person at any point in your life I stop liking you. And it doesn't matter about how much I like someone, it simply stops me liking them. Completely.

That is what I learnt today. I was chatting online with what I thought was some lovely people (who I've been talking to for a few weeks thanks to SL) when the talk turned to their service experiences and they related how they went and I found most of them were utter jerks ("Sometimes I start saying their first name really sarcastically" "Oh I just ask for their supervisor straight away because you know the first one to answer the phone is always stupid" etc.). I was too polite to point that out to them, instead I signed off knowing I could never talk to them again.

So note to you: let's not talk about customer service!!


  1. Heh - I have to say the people at the coat check at popstarz gave great customer service on Friday. We'd queued for about half an hour and were the first people to be turned away. I was obviously a bit annoyed and although I didn't say anything, the woman picked up on that and took us to the other coat check and opened it up for us before telling other people it was there to make sure we didn't have to queue. While I didn't say anything particularly grouchy to her, I didn't make a point of thanking her beyond the usual, which I should have done because she was lovely with us!

  2. Anonymous8:55 pm

    I'm never rude to customer service staff :o)

    Did you see the TV show about customer service a few weeks ago? They awarded First Direct band as the happiest custoemr service team in the country because the management take a really light hearted approach and allow the staff to have fun and chat without scripts.

    I hate scripted greetings, but it's not their fault if it's company policy.

  3. Just remember the two words involved here:

    The reason we can pay our bills -- what a wonderful thing a customer must be!!!

    What you gladly give someone who is important to you -- let me service you, please!!!

    Blessed be the customer service staff.

  4. Let it be known..

    “Thou hast been JUDGED!”

  5. Anonymous7:23 pm

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