Sunday, March 30, 2008

London Needs A Change, But It Doesn't Need Boris Johnson

Before I write anything about the London Mayoral election I want to say one thing. I like Ken Livingstone. I believe he has a genuine love, and concern, for Greater London and it's people. And I believe he has done a good job, to a point.

However he has had two terms as Mayor and it is time for a change of leadership, his team has become bogged down in allegations of cronyism and corruption and he is no stranger to gaffes. On a personal note, his support of right wing crazy religious folks who support some pretty controversial ideas means I'd prefer to see him step down.

Boris Johnson's campaign has been going well and is about to enter it's final stage. My first and most major issue with Mr Johnson is his lack of connection, and prior concern, for the residents of this city. He isn't a Londoner. He is a candidate placed here by his party to take advantage of his popularity. This is underhand. We need someone who has real understanding of the culture and operation of London.

On top of this he is little better than Ken Livingstone when it comes to gaffes and there's a reason he was once forced out of the shadow Cabinet. He is not a safe pair of hands. Do you really want him dealing with important members of our community and making important decisions???

Here's a nice snippet from his Wikipedia page illustrating what kind of "humane" individual Mr Johnson is...

Johnson became embroiled in controversy when he was recorded agreeing to supply the address of News of the World journalist Stuart Collier to former schoolmate and convicted fraudster Darius Guppy in order to have him beaten up as a result of knowing too much about a failed insurance fraud.[35] Johnson asked how badly Collier was to be beaten up, and Guppy replies "He will probably have a couple of black eyes and a... cracked rib or something like that". The conversation ended with Johnson agreeing to supply the address. Despite the call from Guppy, Johnson did not alert the police and the incident only became public knowledge when the recorded telephone conversations where summarised in the Daily Mail. Collier was not attacked.[36][37] [38] Johnson retained his job at the Telegraph but was reprimanded by its editor Max Hastings

Lovely. Let's NOT elect him as Mayor.

Then there is Brian Paddick. I'm not going to pretend he has vast amounts of political experience. But he has had a lot of leadership experience in the police, plenty of experience of dealing with finances, crime and community relations and a genuine case of being a Londoner through and through. He cares about this city, and I have no doubt would be a truly excellent Mayor. Yes he's had a couple of controversies, but unlike our friends Livingstone and Johnson these have been exaggerated and in some cases fabricated completely.

Brian Paddick would be a breath of fresh air, one our city desperately needs.

On election day vote Paddick 1st, Livingstone 2nd. Keep Boris OUT!


  1. you are officially no longer sane

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