Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Second Post - An Apology

I made a resolution last year. That resolution was inspired by the failure to meet my 2006 resolutions. Again I failed to meet that single resolution. D'oh! So firstly please, Dear Constant Reader, accept my sincere apologies!

This year I have "plans". I've seen a 1 year course at Birkbeck, University of London for a Social Policy Certificate of Higher Education. I plan to apply for it and then if I am successful and I find it enjoyable (after all we don't want to run before we can walk) I can use it as credit towards a B.Sc., i.e. an actual university degree. Birkbeck is famous for being an evening university so it shouldn't interfere with my work. And I should be able to afford the course even without assistance from my Mum plus I can see there's a few Government grants I might be able to make use of... I need to get my taxes back somehow!

I will try not to hate my job so much in the meantime.

I will try to lose some weight but I make no promises. :( It's hard... chocolate is so yummy, alcohol so tempting and takeaways so easy.

I need to keep to the budget I set out in November... fingers crossed!

And this blog. 2007 was a crap year in terms of quality on this blog. I am so sorry! I will try to rectify that and get back on track!

2008... here we come!


  1. Happy New Year, Jae and Jim.

    Jack and I had a very quiet celebration and so did the neighborhood. I heard a string of firecrackers go off way past midnight but not another sound after that. We ate black eyes peas with our dinner -- a New Year's tradition here in the American South -- for good luck in the year ahead.

    Best of luck, Jae, with the course at Birkbeck, you know how I feel about getting more education! (Broken record...)

  2. CresceNet5:36 am

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  3. The quality of your blog was fine in 2007 as it was in all previous years.

    I stop by here a few times a week so it has to be good sweetheart. Indeed, I'm deleting people from my Live Journal blog so i can dedicate more time to reading outside blogs like this one (at the moment I read LJ friends a few times a day and outside blogs like this 3 or 4 times a week and I need to readdress the balance)

    Keep it up Jae

    James x

  4. You are too kind!

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