Sunday, January 20, 2008

One More Year

Oh yes folks. Throughout the life of this blog the President of the United States has been George W. Bush. And now, thankfully, there is just one year left of his Presidency.

So the thoughts of the world outside of the US turn to who next they will pick to lead them (and thus our weak spineless leaders) for the next four years.

Firstly we have the GOP candidates. Now obviously I'd rather see Dubya in charge rather than Mike "But you know, if anybody wants to believe they’re the descendants of a primate, they’re welcome to do it." Huckabee. Say what you like about us homos... but if you believe in the Bible's version of Intelligent Design I'm probably not going to get on with you. (And why do people think that evolution couldn't be the creation of an intelligent being... it's quite efficient!). Then there's Romney... shudder. He sure can flip flop... Senator McCain is my, reluctant, choice if we had to put up with a Republican in the White House, he has honour and dignity. Obviously I'd hope none of them win.... Republicans today are an insult to the memory of the party of Abraham Lincoln.

Then we have the Democratic candidates. A Gravel/Kuncinich ticket is obviously my dream... but as that is as likely to happen as the Lib Dems winning a landslide election then I'll have to lower my sights a little. I feel sorry for Edwards. He has some good policies. However his statement: "Do I believe they should have the right to marry? I'm just not there yet..." makes me think... No. Obama... I think his policies seem alright but I just can't seem to like him. I think a lot of that is my hatred of "fads". He's the in thing and in things tend not to be my style. And then you've got Hillary Clinton.

You know... firstly she's become a bit of the underdog. And being British I love an underdog. Secondly, she's the wife of a man who I greatly admire. If he likes her, she can't be all that bad! Then her policies. Not so great in a lot of instances but not so bad as to be awful. After all us liberals and social libertarians can't have it all our own way! So this blog, for what it's worth being a British blog, hopes for a Clinton victory.

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