Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Darn it. I am my own worst enemy sometimes. My overdraft is still at exactly (exactly!) the same amount it was 2 and half years ago when I moved to London and a far higher paying job. I have not improved my situation by one penny and, thanks to a credit card, I have made it ever so slightly worse.

Now my debts aren't huge, it's not like I need to radically ulter my lifestyle to fix the problem. In fact I spent my time off a couple of weeks ago setting myself a strict budget which should, by February, allow me to be able to live it up and yet continue to make progress in defeating my debts.

However... I really am unhappy at work at the moment and I'd give me two front teeth for a chance at a new job somewhere else, NOT IN CUSTOMER SERVICE (oops.. sorry did that just slip out...). I really want to hand in my resignation and just go off searching for new work. But I can't, because I really cannot afford it (thanks to my debts) and I don't think I have the qualifications to get out of the customer service sector (which I foolishly got myself into, believing most humans to be reasonable, intelligent people... What an idiotic idealist I was).

And so I sit here, dying a little every day, wondering why I didn't listen to that tramp in Brighton...

I've just taken a look at the websites of the two contenders for leadership of the Lib Dems and I have to say I'm already forming opinions over who I will support. Chris Huhne is the man for me, and I'll go into more details over style and policies some other time but to start of with...

Nick Cleggs campaign site seems very professional. Which makes me like it not a lot. It's all a bit too stylised, very Blairite/Cameronite marketing shite. I don't want to insult Nick Clegg there, I was refering to the site, not him! It just seems too polished. It has no soul.

Chris Huhne on the other hand, has a busier layout... it feels more like the work of a campaigner than a marketing professional. It feels less like someone's gone "Hmm... I wonder if this shading will appeal to that demographic" and more like someones gone "Videos! That'll be fun... let's stick one over here..." Gotta love that.


  1. Get a job on the Underground, still doing Customer Service I know but £24k a year 10 weeks holiday and both you and Jim get a free zone 1-6 card. You can move up to be a Supervisor and earn 37k in less than a year. Or apply to drive the tubes at £40k a year.

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