Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lib Dems (and eye candy)

I'm going to admit that as a local MEP and friend of my old local party (Shepway Lib Dems) Chris Huhne has an unfair advantage when it comes to my decision on who I support for the leadership.

First things first. Chris Huhne has said no to a new Trident. This can only be a good thing. I am now dead set against all things nuclear. Nick Clegg says us having this replacement will give us "leverage" in any nuclear disarmament talks. Why because we can threaten not to get rid of them if others don't? This isn't about political wheeler dealing... we need to stop our nuclear programmes NOW. That is the principled thing to do and will set a good example to the world. I am not a pacifist. I believe in defending ourselves... but nuclear weapons pose a danger to US and to coming generations. We can defend ourselves in other ways.

Nick Clegg also comes across as unprepared. I saw him on the Politics Show (I think it was that, or maybe the Daily Politics) and they were discussing the Scottish budget. He said how he a unionist (good) but that the issue of Scottish independence had been settled in the last referendum on the matter. At which point the presenter (and myself from my sofa!) had to inform him that there has never been an independence referendum. I just felt he wasn't really paying much attention... and you should all know how I feel about the Union.

That's not to say I don't like Nick Clegg, but Chris Huhne comes out as the better man for me. He seems approachable, friendly, passionate and honourable. Nick Clegg still reminds me too much of a Cameron clone (I'm not trying to be nasty here, so no offense to Mr Clegg with that comment!).

Support Mr Huhne at his website: Chris Huhne and see the odds here

And so we move on to Brian Paddick for London Mayor. I really hadn't spent much time paying attention to his policies as I've been busy following the leadership election.

Well anyway... firstly... Mr Paddick is by far the sexiest candidate for London Mayor. Not hard when you're competition is Boris and Ken. But just take a look at him in his police uniform on his site... yum!

It has to be said he hasn't stated too much about his manifesto... but what he has said is in line with my own beliefs... tough on illegal drug dealers but not on users. He supports the London congestion charge (applied more sensibly), wants to power the underground with renewable energy and he wants to provide a better environment for business without interfering with them. All very environmental and libertarian.

I'll have to keep an eye on his campaign before I really make my decision, but I've always been very sympathetic towards him, especially after the Daily Mail fiasco (if the Daily Mail doesn't like you, I'm bound to!).

EDIT: Hey look... I'm consistent!


  1. You should go into politics yourself; with all this eye candy you seduced me to read all about about UK politics ;)

  2. Im not so sure about your thoughts on giving up our Nuclear deterrent. The key word here is deterrent. Its hypothetical I know, but I do wonder what the last 60 years would have been like without Nuclear weapons. How many wars have been averted (and lives saved) due to countries being scared of the consequences of Nuclear retalliation.

    I also think Clegg is wrong on his leverge idea. It would be like 2 people who dont trust each other pointing guns at one another and telling the other to put away his gun first.....its just not going to happen is it?

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