Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Big Brother Update

Deary me... hasn't a lot happened in Big Brother of late? So, since we last discussed this, Dawn was ejected for breaking the rules (using a code to communicate with her sister), then Bonnie was evicted. To replace Shahbaz and Dawn two new housemates arrived... Aisleyne (what a name!) and Sam(uel)antha. Pete continued to look far too gorgeous for words prompting me to consider bidding on a golden ticket just to get a chance to get in the house. Then today... George walked, which is a shame. Not because I liked him that much but because this house is not really being given a chance to stabilise and show us what it's made of.

Aisleyne seems a bit like Grace and Imogen... a bland beauty... YAWN! Sam... I was instantly prepared to hate her but you know what... she seems alright. I'll give her a chance.

Glyn is growing on me. He seems a little dim but his sheer child like glee at the mere thought of breasts makes him quite endearingly sweet. As Ste used to say... awwwww... Bless.

Nikki... good lord. Please let her out before she melts all our brains...

Now if anyone has any pics of Pete looking fab (i.e. no hat) let me have them. He's GORGEOUS.

New housemate must be due shortly to replace George... fingers crossed for someone nice.

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  1. Hey....
    nicely commented on the happenings on Big Brother!! I cnt believe so much has gone on on jus under two weeks!! pete's lovely and nikki is so annoying... but good to view on tv, she gives alot of drama... I think at the end only very few origianl housemates will be left for the final eviction... I think Nikki might walk next.


  2. Great observational BB update Jae.

    I'm hoping Aisleyne's gonna upset things a bit. She seems to have sussed Sezer out already.

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