Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It's strange how easily confused memories can become. Especially memories from your childhood. I'd always been a little confused regarding the Great Storm (ask any Brit and they'll tell you all about how they slept through the Great Storm of 1987...). What's so confusing about that? I hear you ask.

Well... I distinctly remember the storm being during the day. I remember being at school and hearing tiles starting to fall from the roof. Before I knew it Mum had shown up early and all the other parents were there too, encouraging their kids to run like hell towards home. I remember the rushed trip home fighting through the winds with Mum looking deeply terrified by the amount of roof tiles flying on the pavements before and after us... luckily I only lived over the road and safety was only a short, hunched over run away. It's one of the most dramatic memories of my life.

So I've always been a tad concerned that everyone says they slept through the Great Storm, because it occured overnight... Did I dream it all? It dawned on me today that the Great Storm occured in 1987. I wasn't at school then. Intruiged I did some research...

Who has ever heard of the Burns' Day Storm of 1990? Did you know it killed more people than the Great Storm? And it occured during the day? But who ever mentions it? Does anyone even remember it?

If I had a penny for every time I've heard the story of the Michael Fish controversy I'd be a rich man. But no one ever mentions the Burns' Day Storm. Maybe they all slept through that one too...

Shahbaz has left the BBuilding. It has to be said he needed to be out... he was going insane.

Is it me or is Richard the biggest, most childish bully ever? Shahbaz deserved the flak he got. But good lord Richard brought playground politics to a new, petty level with his "ignore Shahbaz" game and shouting "Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice" to his face. Richard... grow up you big pansy.

Pete... oh Pete. Last night on the Big Brother nightly show he was in the pool with the girls who managed to get a look at his manhood. And they were mighty impressed. Words to the effect of "I've never seen anything that big" were uttered. Pete will you marry me? ;)

Don't worry Dermot, you're still my one true love.


  1. No, I thought Richard was totally justified. I am related to someone like Shahbaz and let me tell you, that type of person is no walk in the park!

    His antics were extremely frustrating, and his personality not suited to the BB environment at all!

    If he's lucky he'll get a job as a flamboyant lollipop lady on Balamory or something...

  2. I felt Richard would have been justified to punch Shahbaz (because he was quite an evil selfish bastard), scream at him, argue with him. It's the nature of the mocking that got me... really bitchy, childish and idiotic.

    Being frustrated doesn't give someone the right to regress. Richard acted like a little girl rather than an adult.

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