Thursday, May 18, 2006

Eurovision Semi Finals and Big Brother 7

Can you stand the excitement... here, unedited, are my notes as I watched...

Armenia Andre - Without Your Love,.. not bad... wish he could sing though
Bulgaria Let Me Cry Mariana Is that Ursula from the Little Mermaid in the background??
Slovenia - Facial Hair Attack
Andorra - Crap
Belarus - how very eighties
Albania - hats, bagpipes. I'm losing my faith!
Belgium - getting better... She can dance!
Ireland - OH DEAR GOD...
Cyprus... Stop already...
Monaco... Half naked men... this is what I live for
Poland... Green hair....
russia to win!! CUTE!
turkey - male dancers.. improvement...
ukraine - (this is where I got bored and was about to watch porn when the commentator mentioned Big Brother was on...)
Big Brother 7
Bonnie - chavette HATE HER
Pete - Tourettes??? GENIUS!
George. Let's hunt him with hounds. He fears transvestites and overly gay men.
Shabaz - the Pakipoof (his words!) please kiss George!
Lea - She's a twat. Why do I say this? because she hates herself.. no i'm not talking about the fact she has had surgery... listen to the way she talks about "fat" and "ugly" people. Way to go you insecure mean spirited woman.
Imogen - "my kinky things would be very expensive". Oh god.. it's not sailor hat wearing thormaldehyde bathing prostitutes is it??
Mikey - Chauvinist... hates ugly people... Hates transvestites and Gay men as well. Let's send in the ladyboys
Dawn - ray of light... what a bundle of Joy... she hates everyone and doesn't want any friends
Glyn - NUDIST!! Yay.. Sexiest Lifeguard in North Wales... are there that many lifeguards in North Wales?
Richard - Canadian Sexual Terrorist... OHDEARGOD. I'm starting to fear gay men too...
Grace - Let's shoot her...
Lisa - Cliched! In your face, get what you see... common as muck...
Sezer - Bling, God save us from arrogant twats...
If Shabaz says OH MY GOD when Sezer goes in I'm going to go get a Singha beer out of the fridge...
Mmm... refreshing... Be A Thai!
Nikki - COMMON. Let me repeat... COMMON...

I'm glad to see that Big Brother has again performed the public service of locking up Britain's least likeable people for the duration of the summer.


  1. My god I had a feeling you would be quick off the mark with the BB7 stuff but bloody hell Jae ;oD

    I haven't the energy to summerise my opinions at the moment but check over at my blog tomorrow night. We are going to have some differences of opinions I think. I'm even giving them marks out of 10 !!

    Mark xx

  2. Since I am not there, I cannot see BBB7 (altough in Brazil we had the 6th version this year) but i laughed a lot in your last paragraph. It seems that, no matter where, BBB people are stupid!

  3. You need to be quick off the ball! Considering my opinion is "I hate them all..." I can easily believe that someone would disagree :)

    Flying Boy... your contestants were Brazilian so surely they made up for being stupid by being ferociously good looking?

  4. Slovenia? was that the song 'We are the winners'. I thought that was fab. And, oh those Russians - very cute, yeah.

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