Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Don't Like Richard

I just can't put my finger on why I dislike him the most out of all of this years housemates (Shahbaz obviously doesn't count). Sezer is slimy (just as I thought!). Nikki is like a loud version of Chinese water torture (sob sob sob sob...). Grace and Imogen are slags playing up to the slutty boys (I was brought up to believe women were more intelligent than men. LIES! They're just as thick). But there is something about Richard...

I knew as soon as he arrived that he wasn't my kind of person... image obsessed and rather bland. But as time has gone on I have begun to wish he wasn't in there. Watch this space and I will work out exactly why I dislike him...

In other news Pete cried when Shahbaz left. Compassion! I'm telling you... Pete is a babe. Intelligent, compassionate, gorgeous, well endowed and quirky. My perfect man (excluding Jim)

So's Dermot O'Leary... not excluding Jim... ;)


  1. I honestly think he isn't that bad a person and is doing a pretty good job at playing the game (remember it is a game). When he first came into the house I thought he was purely another Muscle Mary but there's more to him than his average body. Yes he's acted childish at times but I think he cares for and respects a lot of the housemates. It will of course do him no good. I forecast a mid season eviction for him.

  2. I`d definitely do Richard.

    Pete - an annoying freak. Wanker!
    Lisa - Liam Gallagher trapped in a Chinese woman.
    Nikki - over! says! everything!
    Imogen - pretty girl, who cares.
    Lea - grotesque.
    Glynn - possibly retarded.
    Mikey - Mikey? Vain, boring type of bloke girls like.
    George - posh totty with breathing difficulties. Quite stupid.
    Bonnah - retard.
    Richard - actually quite like a normal human being.
    Grace - Jennifer Aniston having a very bad drug trial reaction. Is that what passes for attractive in girls? But human at least.

    But not as annoying a freak as Shabbaz - he must have set the cause of gay muslims back about a gazillion years. Wacky Paki poof? Yeah, f*ck off you freak.

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