Saturday, May 27, 2006

X-Men : The Last Stand


When I first left the cinema I thought "Wow that was good". The Beast rocked. Kitty Pryde was great (brave yet foolhardy just like the comics). Colossus was HOT. I cried when Prof X died, and was proud when the X Men made their stand on Alcatraz to protect Leech and his defenders. With those emotions clouding my judgement I forgot all the bad bits.

Magneto, despite some good scenes, was written for badly. I can't put my finger on it, but the Magneto of the last movie was far better... bad but not truely evil. Only early on in the comics was he truely evil... he soon became a more conflicted character with more depth.

Killing Cyclops and making this a movie about Jean and Logan's love was a major error in my mind, the conflict between Logan and Scott and their constant need to overcome it in the face of a common threat makes the love triangle more complex and real. It was also symptomatic of the movies attempt to cater to the Wolverine cult strong amoung X-Fans. I'm not a big fan of his. He's okay, but Angel was always my fave.

ANGEL... a bit part??? A BIT PART?? SCANDALOUS.

Where was Nightcrawler? Colossus, one of the best comic book heroes of all time in my opinion, needed some more depth... in the film there are only 6 X Men... surely the writer could have fleshed them all out.

The story was kind of weak... could have been so much better.

This movie could of been a lot more. It isn't.

But hey at least you can still read a kind of homosexual undertone into the movie (even if it is unintentional). The Cure... the mutant reaction to it... all very Exodus-esque.

I think my deep hatred for the Ex-Gay movements underlying beliefs can be left to another day. Needless to say... Rogue... HOW COULD YOU???

The final thing was the ending... a big let down. This wasn't helped by the fact the three leaders of the X Men were dead...

X Men


  1. Great review ... I was expecting so much more from this, but it was doomed by too many mutants and way too many plotlines

  2. Thank you for saving me the price of admission by giving away so much of the plot.

    Actually, you weren`t the first.

  3. Anonymous12:39 am

    "I cried when Professor X died"

    Thanks for the spoiler you d******!!!

  4. Good lord people! If you didn't want to know the plot, why on Earth were you reading about it? I try to treat my readers like grown ups... Spoiler alerts are for kids. USE YOUR BRAIN.

    I mention what I like on my blog... as per my tagline. Discretion ain't my way.

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