Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thailand Part 1 Bangkok in Brief.

Hi all, I hope you are well.

I am currently on the island of Koh Samui. It is... a shithole... but let us not let that ruin what started off as a very promising holiday...

May 1st

The journey to the airport was sooooo easy (and cheap) and we had a dinner in a Cafe Gerard served by a mad waiter called Max. The flight was cool... sure the fact there were stupid people on board (who would lean over you while you were sleeping and open your window to see outside... in the middle of a flipping night flight while there was daylight outside no less) did make it a bit horrid but the Thai Airways crew were brilliant.

May 2nd

We landed in Bangkok in the afternoon and to our surprise we were meet by our own private car and tour guide called Pui. She was verz friendly and informative even if she was constantly tryin gto sell day trips to us. Our hotel was the Zenith on Sukhamvit Soi 3. It was nice, even slightly faded and the staff polite. We were right near the Skytrain which was our main waz of exploring the city. We headed to the famous Patpong market off Thanon Silom and had dinner at Tip Top where they had the cutest waiter in the world serving the best Thai Green Curry in the universe... sublime... Patpong was filled with people desperate to part you from your money but they were not over the top and did things with a smile...

May 3rd

Siam Ocean World ROCKS MY SOCKS. They had everything... a trip on a glass bottom boat over a shark infested (BIGGEST SHARKS I have ever seen) aquarium, penguins, otters, beavers and so many different kind of sea life it will blow your mind... Lunch was had in side the Siam Paragons amazing food hall filled with all sorts of delicious and cheap taste sensations I almost fainted. Jim went and bought a suit...

Dinner that evening was had on Silom Soi 4 at the Sphinx which was pleasant and as always in Bangkok, the service was faultless (even if it was our waiters first day). Drinks were drank at the awesome Balcony bar staffed by gorgeous, friendly, and very relaxed (in a good way) bar staff such as Nut, Tom and Sea (he was my fave).

May 4th

A lie in followed by lunch at Siam Paragon again. We then went to see Mission Impossible 3 in the Paragon Cineplexs Nokia Deluxe screen. I can not express in words how good it is... I think I will try though in a seperate post. I will just say... the waiter in the waiting room served us on his knees (not like that you crass dirty minded reader) and treated us like Gods. All for a tenner...

Being creatures of habit and needing more green curry dinner was again had at Tip Top and then we moved on to the Balcony again to help them celebrate their 8th birthday... We saw David who once gave me his phone number while I was very drunk in the ye Olde Rose and Crown in Greenwich... Small world

May 5th

Having spent more time doing shopping and hanging out in bars we decided to be touristy and headed for the Grand Palace by boat. of course it was the Kings Coronation Day so it was closed... but we had loads of touristy things to do at the Wat Pho... the Reclining Buddha is reallz rather impressive. Had lunch at a bar near Marahaj Pier.

That night we went and visited the really seedy gay area of Bangkok so we could perve over all the cute Thai guys while appearing slightly respectable in Dicks Cafe... mission accomplished we went and said goodbye to the Balcony (SOB) after dining at the Sphinx...

May 6th... Chiang Mai and our adventures with Chang (elephant) and Sit the rent boy...



  1. So green with envy !!

    So so jealous !!!

    Wish I was there but glad you are having a great time.

    Mark xxx

  2. What a wonderful trip. You have inspired me to make a chicken curry for dinner tonight! Please do tell more about the elephant and the rent boy -- what a title for a movie.

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