Saturday, February 11, 2006

Why Do I Write In My Blog?

You know some of the comments I've been getting here recently seem endemic of the current blog culture. 1) they take blogging way too seriously. Now I've read the articles on the BBC and in the Economist that show some blogs have power and integrity. That is not this blog! So calm down, step back and reflect... life is too short to take my brain dumps that seriously (and to respond so rudely)! 2) some blogging is self important and written for attention. Some is not. I'm not writing primarily for attention. So do you really think I'll pay attention to you if you are rude?

When I started this blog 4 years and bit ago I did it for two reasons 1) I had just read an article in the old style Guardian techy supplement about blogging and 2) because I have been a journal writer for years and thought an online one would be easier and much more tidy than a handwritten one!! This blog is my diary. Knowing when things happened is important to me. Being able to write my thoughts and opinions, however badly expressed, is important to me. I do it online as I can access it where I want to, I can read it without having to work out what that scribble meant, and because other people can read it... I'm open and honest on here. Keeping a written diary used to feel so dark and depressing because I felt it had to be hidden and secret. Why hide what you think? Honesty is the best policy

Now that doesn't mean I'm not a hits whore, that a small smile won't rise on my face when the Guardian links me or when my hits are up on the month before. We all have a hobby and mine is trying to get as many hits as possible... just a little something to make me happy.

And of course I like praise!

But primarily this blog is for me, and of course for those people who I want to read it like my friends and Jim (and you Dear Constant Reader, don't fret you're always welcome!). If you don't like what I write tell me politely, I love polite criticism! Don't be mean... because I probably am much bigger than you and I don't like mean people! Or better yet (because life really is too short) just move along.. Nothing to see here! Except this...


  1. Nice. Very nice. Thank you!

  2. mm nice solid piece of meat there pet!! yum!!

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