Sunday, February 19, 2006

The News On Sunday

NoW Drip Feeds Info On Gay Soccer Stars

This is torture. And I don't mean for me. The News of the World is being unreasonably cruel using innuendo and farce to scare those involved in it's current "scandal". If it has proof that these things are occuring it should print their names, otherwise... let it go! It is obviously some kind of petty vendetta being played out in a national paper and to be frank I'm bored with the whole thing.

Reading the story (which I shan't be linking to) I have to say this: what these guys are getting up to doesn't sound very gay. Betting people to suck your cock and playing silly boys games involving showing each other your penis sounds a lot like some pubescent hetrosexual game.

I can relax. Will Young is not involved. Phew! It was some DJ. The "picture" doesn't appear to be of my other secret love Scott Mills, so I shan't worry about the Music Man.

Latest name to enter frey: Ashley Cole.

Please note I want the use of the word gay, homosexual, sick and perverted should be removed from these stories. None seem applicable. Oh and if the NoW believes mutual masturbation and oral sex are "perverted" I'd just like to bless their cotton socks.

Dancing On Kelly Holmes Icy Grave

Oh glorious day. Dancing on Ice just got better. Kelly Holmes was voted off. FINALLY! She was an ice queen of the first degree with her catty comments and stiff movements. She was even a bad loser. About Bonnie, the BEST celeb perform of the series (no contest), she suggested that Bonnie had beat her because Bonnie was "popular with the judges". She beat you because she had talent and a lovely personality.

Jae's First Podcast

Listen to it here

In Other News...

Jurassic Park IV won't be released until 2008.


  1. Jae, I enjoyed the podcast a lot but your accent is so educated and proper. Like a BBC news reader. Over here in the States we prefer that you folks speak Mockney and we find it so very sexy. As in, 'come sit on my face and talk like Jamie Oliver.' Hot, hot, hot.

  2. Mockney??? I don't come from London and while my family may be a little common I think they'd be a little worried if I even attempted a cockney accent (just ask my friends... my accents are bad!!)

  3. what on earth is a mockney accent????
    anyway u sound funny jae... hehehe do videopodcast !!

  4. We want proper out gay footballers! Come on, lads! We know you`re in there!

    Overpaid ponces playing "I`ll show you mine if you show me yours" don`t count!

    I saw an interesting story somewhere (!) about how a survey on homophobia in football was sent out, but hardly any football managers would complete or discuss the subject. The world of professional football is still as much in the closet as ever... along with pop music, acting, most other sports etc etc etc... so much progress made, so much yet to make.

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