Thursday, February 23, 2006

Are you really surprised?

Had a lovely, if very boring, day today. I didn't have to go to the office and had to attend a meeting here in Greenwich with a supplier instead (about Furnology... exciting!). Something nice in being able to walk to work with no need to use public transport.

Now I don't know what some people think happens in the customer service industry. Reading this article about Indian call centres you'd hope no one was shocked by it. The central "discovery" of this article is people can be racist and rude. Trust me, if you worked in customer service you'd know that people generally ARE racist and rude.

Before I started work I used to think 99% of the population of this country was comprised of decent, hard working, law abiding and intelligent citizens. Customer service has taught me that about 60% of the population are one of the above and about 2% are all of the above. (all the above and below are my own opinions and don't constitute facts, thought I'd just state that in case one of those pig ignorant debate society members turns up to leave a rude comment about me not making it absolutely clear that these are not facts)

I was totally shocked to discover a very large minority of people I have to deal with daily are rude, unpleasant and mean spirited. Now I'm just very cynical, apt to think the worst of people... I really need to get away from customer service in the long run before I go postal...


  1. I so agree with what you're saying. I too have become quite cynical. I'm very disappointed in people and their lack of etiquette.
    Rude People Suck

  2. Well, maybe 60% of the people who have to deal with people who don`t speak good english and live in India when you have a query about your bloody electricity bill...

  3. I agree also. There are so many rude arrogant twats in the UK. I have worked in customer service before, but I always liked to remember the rude ones, so I could chuckle to myself about them when I needed cheering up!

  4. I'm not sure any of the abuse can be described as racist. More so just complete and utter frustration on the part of the customers, who all too often nowadays face mechanical and ineffective customer service staff - many of whom have incomprehensible accents and only a basic grasp of our language.

    For me, it's not so much a problem with Indian call Centres though - more so the whole ideology behind 'customer services' wherever they are based.

    I'll never be rude to customer service staff unless they come across as particularly ignorant or arsie with me, and then I may say something. With Indian call centres I generally just hang up because they frustrate me for the reasons above.

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