Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh Go On. It Is Christmas

It's that time of year for over indulgence (not that I need much of an excuse for that, I admit... my stomach has been growing at a not inconsiderable rate for some time now...). Last Jim and I headed to Ye Olde Rose and Crown for a drink (saw Sally, I am sure she lives there), had dinner at that all you can eat Vietnamese restaurant, and went to the the Greenwich Picturehouse to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Now have seen some of it on dodgy "digital copy" but it seeing it at the cinema was awesome. Beautifully done. Can I marry King Peter please? Cheers.
It is an early pay day today (oh Jim that letter from the bank wasn't a nasty one, it was my bank statement! Phew!) but forgot/have lost my bank card. I am hoping it's lying on the chair where I threw my coat last night, as my work keys were lying there and they are kept in the same pocket.So have £6.00 to see me through the day. No excess for me then!
If ya wanna wish me an early Merry Christmas, please click on the current tenant of Rent My Blog over on the right. I want as many unique hits as possible for this one as that blog LINKS ME. And I love blogs that link me. Go see!!!!! And not only that but the owners other blog links me too... mwah!
Now it's nearly time for me to run home to Folkestone (Friday) so if I don't blog before then MERRY CHRISTMAS! You know me, I'm not one of those bloggers who pretends he won't blog over Christmas, I will. Thank you all so much for staying with me this year, for linking me, and for leaving comments. That you keep coming back makes me feel all warm and happy inside. Love ya Dear Constant Reader.


  1. charlie waldren12:16 pm

    Hey sweetie!

    Just stumbled across this; haven't seen you for so damn long - I hope everything's going well?

    Drop me an email sometime, we should really catch up or something? (my addy is

    Anyways, hope you have a wicked Christmas babe!


  2. Good job. Merry Christmas and take care.

  3. J have a good chritmas holiday mate. Look forward to more from your awesombe journal in 2006.

    Oh, by the way, I love that all you can eat in Greenwich - the best one for miles.

  4. While usually I Bah Humbug all Chrimbo activities I can't not say Have a great Christmas to Jae. He's just to damn nice to withold seasonal greetings.

    So go and over indulge to your hearts content. Here's to a great 2006 !!

    PoetX xxx

  5. Much love for the 'rent my blog' plug! (or any other ol' promotion you should wish to give) :D

    and, of course, a very merry early Christmas!

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