Saturday, December 03, 2005

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Pretty soon we will know the name of the new leader of the Tories. Hmm... the country isn't exactly shaking with excitement now is it? Personally I hope David Cameron gets it as I'd like to see his take on the drug problem. I'm taking bets on just how hypocritical it'll be... quite, very, amazingly or awesomely...

I went to Canary Wharf today to try to find Civilisation 4. I came running back. Xmas shoppers annoy me more than any other type of people. In this internet age there is no excuse for walking around soooooooo slowly, and paying everyone else no heed at all. If you're a slow shopper, please do it from the comfort of your own home. Cheers.

I still have a cold. :o( But at least it's nearly Christmas!


  1. I'm taking bets on just how hypocritical it'll be... quite, very, amazingly or awesomely...

    Brilliantly put, Jae! I may not know the particular politician of whom you're speaking, but I can think of a number of quite, very, amazingly or awesomely hypocritical politicians of my own!

    Hope you start to fell better soon!

  2. geez that santas package looks so..thick... it's like.. thick... umm

  3. calm down Otis! It's just his pant Elf... ;)

    Natalie, just some background, Mr Cameron took cocaine recreationally in his youth (well he's still young!). It'll certainly be interesting to see what he says...

  4. I'm not so sure of the hypocrisy charge, actually. I'm assuming that you mean that Cameron having taken cocaine he ought logically to argue everyone's right to do so. I've never taken Class A drugs but I would have smoked a great deal more cannabis if I actually liked it. But that doesn't prevent me from recognising that sustained prolonged use, especially of skunk, can adversely affect mental health. If I were making law on it I woul dbe more interested in gathering and interpreting empirical data than saying "I've done it, therefore it's alright.."

  5. Point taking. But that's if you were making the lawss, let see what he says though.

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