Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I Feel Shitty

Today I feel like a bear with a thorn in his paw. Grumpy, tired, and after blood. Don't quite know why as everything seems ok. Oh well.

So Angel came back last week! Forgot to tells ya! She is even sillier and more like a small dog than she was before. As soon as she got home she walked to the shop with me. Although I have noticed she far prefers Gareth to me this weekend!!!! And she spent Sunday night "playing" with my blinds and sending me and Gareth up the wall!!!!!!!!!!

And the news is: I may well be moving to Ashford to share a flat/house with Sarah. Who? I hear you say! Remember Sarah? Used to work with Chris? Everyone got very drunk at her birthday? No? Oh well... Anyways out of the blue she texted me on Friday and thus the planning begun... woo... watch this space.. well not this one... the ones above this one...

Yesterday I went to Bluewater with Gareth. Had a pizza express. He has gone to work now, thus home. :o(

But to brighten my day here is a pic of his gorgeousness.... and Gareth too.... :op (that's a joke before any of you anonymous posters out there start on me!)

Plus a pic of Ben, Jon, Zoe and my thumb at Brighton pride.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

You Make Me Feel. Mighty Real.

Ok. Hello. How are you these days??

Wednesday: me and Zoe went done Gee's then headed up to the Leas Club to meet with Jodie and Russell. During pool me and Russell (ok so more Russell than me) beat the girls 2-1. yay!!

thursday: Zoe came over and we had a kebab.

Friday: It was school fun day at work. I won a bottle of wine for best dressed man! Woo!!!!!!!!! It was lots of fun. Afterwards we all headed to the pub. Keeping wiith my tradition of drinking lots when on work dos I got very drunk and came out to the correspondence team... Gareth picked me up and stayed over mine..

Incidentally family went to Spain.

Saturday. After me and Gareth headed to Jon's picked him up and made our way to Brighton... again. Went to Charles Street and Legends. I went early and slept in car while they headed for Envy.

Sunday. Did lunch at Jon's (very nice thanks) and had a few drinks down Bar Vasa... Am I an alcoholic? Do I care?

Maybe have some major news in next post.. keep reading!

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Ooo.... Lib Dems Are The New Black

There I was reading through my links having updated them I went to the always clever Forceful and Moderate. And realised that I had seen her picture in the Guardian yesterday! Woo! Well done.

Monday, September 22, 2003


**Check Out My Updated Links**

When work finished on Friday I wasn't particularly looking forward to the weekend.... it was all just so busy!

But after a bit of freshening up I headed for Folkestone Central to meet Laura and Zoe for our trips to Canters. While waiting at the station I got a nasty message from Tony (my stepdad). This bodes well for the weekend I thought.

Laura and Zoe showed up, we caught the train to Dover and changed there for Canters. On the train we were joined by a drunk. Joy. He was only with us for a couple of stations but it was a couple too many...

We meandered along the city wall and met Matt outside Fenwicks and sauntered to Bar 11. John and Elliot turned up (reluctantly) and we then headed to Alberrys which was nice. Gareth arrived and we stopped quickly at Oranges before becoming very indecisive and wandering the back streets till John took charge and we went to Simple Simons (or should that be Simply Students?). After that, just before we all parted ways, I gave away my beloved denim jacket for scrap to Matt. Farewell my companion... *breaks down in tears*

At Gareth's I briefly met his sister katie before collapsing into bed...

in the morning gareth went to work, Katie went out and I wandered into Ramsgate in search of a Guardian... nowhere does it bar petrol stations... scary!!! Got back, watched the Two Towers and then gareth arrived and we prepared for a night out... by drinking copious amounts of vodka and Pepsi Max. told Ben a little white lie that we weren't going to Soho for diplomatic inter friends group reasons....

And then we waited. And we waited. And waited a little bit more... till finally Jon and Saul arrived to whisk us off to the bright lights of London for an evening. We got there about 10, parked on Waterloo bridge, admired the gorgeous views of the Thames at night and headed for Soho. Everyone followed me as I knew where we was going.... this is getting scary!!

Got to G-A-Y Bar around 10.30, where I saw absolutely most sexiest bar man ever.. again... woo.... and also finally met Marc (all too briefly). He was very nice from what small amount of time I spent with him could reveal...

Before I knew it we were off again heading to see Westlife perform at G-A-Y club. G-A-Y is just a giant Pipers. That is not a good thing.... Anyway got most drunk, Westlife came on and Mark had a hat and glasses on so I couldn't oogle so lost interest there... did manage to gain three glow in the dark whistles tho... soon I realised via text that Stephen was in the club, but didn't get to meet him as was dragged out as soon as Westlife finished....

After a stop at Leicester Square McDonalds we headed home.

Sunday morning and I was a little bit worse for wear.. we got ready and Katie headed out to pick up Gareths auntie for a meet the family meal.... eek!

So it was that we met at Pizza Hut. Gareth, Auntie Di, Katie and I. It wasn't so scary. Actually went well I think. After that we headed to the seafront, watched a Sea Cadet Band, some Kite Surfing (most cool) and sat at a lounge bar and had a drink. After a little wander around the harbour it was time to go home.

It gets harder and harder leaving at the end of each weekend and saying goodbye to Gareth.

he dropped me off at Zoe's we went to Blockbusters... got NOTHING! So went home and watched her copy of Just Married... mmm... Ashton.... then she drove me the rest of the way home...

Now to break a blog rule it is urgent I write about my babies (see also cats). Angel is missing. 5 days now..... I am very, very worried... specially after seeing a dead cat as I walked home today. :o( Me miss her muchly. Cos she is my ickle baby. :o((((( But Millie seems very very happy with this chain of events and is lapping up the affection for all she is worth. Bitch...

Shall launch Jae's Emergency Missing Cat Procedure tomorrow.... last used when Millie ran away as we got Angel...

Work today lots of new people started and for once there are 4 cuties starting... eye candy at last! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok must try to be more professional...

ANGEL if you are reading this. Please come home. :o(

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Days Like These

I got to work today and knew something was up immediately.. I reached for my stress duck and found it graffiti-ed!! On the bottom someone (Russell!!!!!) had written "Jason U R Quakers!" At first I thought "No I am no religious group" before slowly realising he meant quackers.... HA HA, I laughed. Or not.

Then spent day in meetings and drumming up excitement RE: the work fun day that is next Friday.... everyone has to dress up as school kids.... all the blokes at work are like "mmmmm....." at idea of girls in school uniform. Ewwwww....

Got back from lunch sat down ready to be floorwalker when I realised I sat down in the middle of a conversation about cock size, a rather animated one in which I realised too late I was the only bloke in the room... it wasn't long before rulers were being got out.... decided to read my paper and hide!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow which should be fun and a half... and more importantly get to see Gareth *dedicates Madonna's "Lucky Star" to Gareth*

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Unionised Duck

I joined Unison today. Woo! Got a free, rather nifty yellow duck stress toy. Put it on desk with my nifty hippo stress toy and made my desk look like an advert for that bed company..... is it Slumberland?

I awoke this morning to find my room smelled as if a thousand smokers had spent all their fag breaks in it while I slept. I could actually taste fag ash. I don't quite know why as to my knowledge not one person has ever smoked in my room..... I don't smoke so it was very wierd... I blame Melly myself (she's a ghost so she can do things like that).

I hereby solemnly promise to get rid of my denim jacket this month.... cos this one has too much character (those who know me may say it smells and has holes in, but don't listen to them!!)

So it is goodbye to a dear friend. He shall join my sleeveless jacket (bought at Camden market during my "sleeveless is the new denim phase") in my wardrobe, and become forgotten (except when the wind blows in the right direction and I get a whift of fag ends and sweat). Well travelled, my constant companion in life. I bid ye a fond Adeiu (sp?) at some point this month.

*breaks down in tears....*

If ya wanna come to Canterbury on Friday you are hereby cordially invited... bring your own clothes, money, and a hat (hat optional, but God darn it recommended, specially if it has fruit on it).

Now who would of thought I could use the word hereby twice (ney! thrice!) in a post.

God I am in a silly mood today... need beer.....

Monday, September 15, 2003

Jae Updates: Read All About It

Ok sorry I haven't updated I wrote a really long post Wednesday, lost it, tried again, lost it.... so gave up!

OK so last Monday Zoe came round and we watched Two Weeks Notice, which was pleasant enough. I think (don't hold me to this) Gareth came round Thursday altho can't remember what we did! Friday I went to the Leas Club with Zoe, Laura and Sophie and saw Jae Groupies such as Emily, Suzanne and Abby.... Yes I have groupies of sorts....

Saturday I went to work, (I have done loads of overtime of late) and had planned to go visit Stephen after that.. but found out from Mel that I had been paid early.... so instead made a beeline for home, picked up my card, and Gareth came and picked me up. We headed to Jon's to make sure he was ok after a evil bloke thing.... and ditched plans for a quiet evening for a more exciting dancey one.

We went to Gareths, did some scarily syncronised cleaning, Jon arrived, me and him had some Guernsey sized portions of vodka (thats lots) and then with Gareth driving we went to Bar 11. Here me and Jon had some interesting cocktails/shots. The barmaid scarily goes "I don't know whats in them other than alcohol" Hmmm... after a brief stop in West Bar we headed for Caddies (Woodys) and met up with Darren an OUTintheUK person and a couple of his lesbian friends. They were cool (and didn't dance) so I liked em. After Jon and Gareth did much dancing we headed home via a stop at a Canterbury burger stall where we ate lots, and tried not to catch anything from the drunkern breeders who kept trying to push in to the queue.

Sunday Jon departed leaving me and Gareth to head back to Canterbury for a Bar 11 lunch, a purchasing of Queer As Folk the definitive edition and a trip to see Jeepers Creepers 2.

We got to my house, watched QAF. It was a lot like meeting a much missed friend watching that. Awww the memories....

Anyway back to normality today.... next weekend may or may not consist of Friday night Canterbury trip with the Folkestone/Canterbury Uni crew and a Saturday night Soho adventure with the G and Jon..... woo.... Highlights of Sunday include meal out with Auntie and sister of G....

And now a Pride pic! It's (from left to right) Ben, Gareth, me (looking really evil... I imagine I was plotting world domination as always) and Jon.....

Me and me bitches

Monday, September 08, 2003

Reach For The Stars

Good News I did have money for my Soho adventure! Woo!

Ok.... so Saturday I went to work and the four of us in had to sit through the torture of watching everyone else having a laugh on the lawn outside at staff fun day while we worked.... *sobs with the painful memories* Then after work I rushed home, got ready and Gareth turned up, I gave him a friendship bracelet Mum bought him in Barcelona and he quite liked it.

We caught the train at Sandling, Jon and Stuart were already on board and we headed for Charing Cross. From there we went to Kudos, and then West Central before lazily wandering through Soho and having a meal at the Pizza Hut on the Strand. We wandered back to Soho, went to Comptons (there was a cat! a real one, not pretend or anything... woo! [if you didn't know my other persona is Mad Cat Jae]), the Village, the Admiral Duncan and the G-A-Y Bar. All fabulous. In G-A-Y we were joined by Karen and Malcolm two of Jon's friends plus two other breeders who knew my name but I didn't know theirs... they left shortly after. We made our way to West Central again for the end of the evening to discover it was closing down! Shame! Saw blonde girl from The Salon (woo... she smiled at me... claim to fame!) and two astonishly cute bar men in very little... mmm........

After leaving the dancing drag queens and cute bar men to their last song, the six of us left, Gareth now adorned with ballons. He staggered down towards Charing Cross shouting "Mind ME Ballooooooons" he he...

So we caught a very busy train home (somethingto do with a Limp Bizkit concert), had some heliumm related fun, and got a taxi from Sandling to home. I got the impression Karen didn't like me as I didn't dance... got home and found an uncle David asleep on the sofa.

In the morning me and Gareth awoke to Hollyoaks, went to the cinema and saw American Pie The Wedding, and got home in time for a family roast dinner with the posh cutlery in the posh dining room (scary we have two dining areas... hmm... far too bourgeosis (sp?) for my liking!). Ate like a million servings of cake. mmmmm....

Didn't want gareth to go. But he did, as well he had to really!

Work today smelt... The computer system was down for large part of it....

Now off with Zoe to watch a Dvd!

Friday, September 05, 2003

Different Faces With No Name, Places I've Never Been Before

So yesterday Gareth came and picked me up and we headed for Canterbury for some shopping shenanigans. It was good. Saw Halloween 4 and 5 but resisted the urge to buy them. We headed to his house to drop off stuff then we went to Jon's and picked him and his date (Stuart) up for mine and Gareths birthday treat surprise. We took them to Zizzi's for a meal, which was fabulous, and then headed to Bar 11 (right must not go there for one whole week as I go there way too much, altho bar men is sssooooo cute). Stayed over Gareth's.

Now Gareth headed off to work really early and I said I'd wait for him to come home before leaving. But it soon dawned on me.... I have to go to work tomorrow, and really should go home. So feeling annoyed that I had to leave (I'd much prefer to spend more time with Gareth than be sensible) I headed for the train station. No trians to Sandling I sigh. Joy. So I head for the platform. And then suddenly a train pulls up to a different platform and some member of staff shouts "Hey this is the train for Dover" and so we all run off and get on board (was most sceptical, last time this happened at Ramsgate the staff member had put us on the wrong train, something we realised when we got to Minster... grr..). The conductor checks my ticket.... "You do know this train doesn't go to Sandling don't you?" "yes" I say (I was starting to get peeved) "Oh good... well you could always jump off I spose.... " she says with a smile... Ha de ha ha.... plotted chucking conductor off at Sandling...

Cute boy gets on train... I realise almost too late that it was a lesbian... Need to get my eyes tested...

And I had to pay for a taxi from Folkestone to Lympne.. grr... better have money for Soho adventure after work tomorrow... I am noting that not seeing Gareth is putting me in a very grumpy mood.... Get to see him tomorrow tho... yay! Hope he doesn't mind I have left.

Song of the day: You're the first, the last, my everything - Barry White... *does Ally McBeal dance*

Happy Birthday to Jon for today!

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Not So Serious Girl

So yesterday was to be a day of funness. And it seems to have been one. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as I did!

Zoe and I did our best not to appear straight laced, and tried to organise people. This, as always turned out to be harder than first thought. We did manage to persuade Matthew to come out with us and we headed first to Safeways to buy supplies and then to Hythe beach. We saw some amazing wild life yesterday and the first creatures we encountered were topless old people. Ewww..... Anyway Rio's ice cream van turned up and I bought Matt and Zoe ice creams and we wandered along the promenade. After a little walking we stopped out side a cafe and sat on side of the promenade overlooking the beach, to the dulceet (sp?) tones of lift music. How anyone can stay at that cafe for long is beyond me.

We wandered along in the other direction until we came to the Imperial golf course which we decided to cut across so we could see the canal. We wandered onto the bridge and immediately started playing Pooh sticks. Much fun. We saw a kingfisher (see wildlife!!) and then our attentions were drawn by some very loud quaking. Turning just in time we were able to watch a flotilla of ducks slip out from under the over hanging trees to meet a snake which was swimming/slithering across the canal towards them. I still say it was a baby grass snake as the idea it was a smooth snake is far too exciting to contemplate (sad!). Anyway said snake seemed rather unprepared for the attack and got to land as soon as it could.

We headed back Zoe's car, she dropped Matt home, and I had dinner round her house. I saw a Ray Mears Survival programe while there which rather over excited me.

Anyway we headed off, picking up Laura on the way, and meet Matt, John and Pete at Gee's. Much silliness occured, including my Ray Mear's inspired elephant sign. We moved on from there to Spoons, where we saw Annie, and Gem, plus Elliot and Sam joined us. Twas very good to see everyone, especially all in one place.

Now... seriously.... I really think people should not bring religion into politics. Mainly as in this country we have so many religions it would be hard to get much done! But the Conservatives of course have other ideas. Scary.

OK... I know right now this website is a bit obsessed with the Christian right. That's just where I am right now... Some of you may be offended by this next link... I was totally (it also contains images that are physically, mentally and spiritually hurtful).... Reading through it I discovered a dark, Pharisee like devotion to HATE. Life, light, love... none shone through. I am totally against abortion. But a hundred percent behind a womans right to choose that option. I really don't think that the way to stop abortions is to support EVIL men like Paul Hill. The Army of God have a right to pursue their own beliefs. But to claim all homosexuals are paedophiles, to glorify in making Muslims squirm at images of Mohammed in agony, and to support people whose hearts are filled with darkness is unforgivable. I thank God that I live in a free country where such people can never gain influence. Disgusting.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The Other Side Of The Coin

The last 24 hours has seen my looking into the right wing agenda without even wanting to... eek!

So yesterday after going through the right wings sites listed below (and some not) I had a caller. He was a man from the UK Independence Party (for non-Brits they are anti Europe). He seemed shocked when I agreed to listen to him. He presented his case badly and I trashed his arguments and sent him on his way. When I can trash your arguments your case MUST be very shody indeed. My debating skills are those of an 11 year old.

A little later I had another caller. Twas Jonathon, a Jehovah Witness who used to visit Ashley Avenue (my old house). Now I don't mean to seem strange but I like the Jehovah Witnesses, they tend to be polite, well spoken and pretty knowledgeable to remember all those Bible verses. So I tend to chat with them. I mean I am gay it's not like they can actually convert me. And it always cheers em up that someone will listen. Anyway we launched into a long running debate (a friendly one) over the teachings of Jesus versus the rest of the Bible, and I was winning for a time, in fact thought I might change him into a loving libertarian, when I lost him to the story of Job. Darn it. There is always next time!

Meanwhile, as a little side show, Angel swallowed a live bird whole while I did my best to save the poor thing. Angel is only an ickle cat so how she managed it I will NEVER know.

Anyhew. Today I am watching the Factor (for non-American readers that is the O'Reilly Factor America's premier right wing talk show presented by a man who believes that liberal secularists are taking over the WORLD!!!!). Hmm.... why oh why I watch it I don't know. That man is so.... slimey.... yet so wholesome.... and yet so DEVIL like... yet so agreeable.... Oh well I respect that he has opinions. And completely disagree with each and everyone of them!! Oh well.

Right I am off to rejoin the "No Spin Zone".

Note to Self.... the fact that when handed religious tracts you now say "I've already got that one" means you really must stop talking to religious nuts such as, but not limited to, Mormons, Jehovahs, Church of Life and that Good News Lady who is about all August every year who you love to chat with. OK?

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I Believe In A Thing Called Love

OK... in brief. I didn't go to the air show. I had a lovely day in with Gareth. After he went home I went down Gee's with Jodie, Zoe, and, briefly, Sam. It was good to see him.

The family returned from Barcelona yesterday and I went shopping in Ashford with Zoe. She bought some shoes.. I bought some dodgy videos (Children of the Corn 3!!). And yes I said videos. How retro!!

My long term readers may remember my little wanderings off into the world of homophobia which I used to record. Well I went off on one today and come back, feeling slightly changed. In a good way not in a straight way.

So first the awful stuff....

Dr Laura is someone I have heard about through the gay press. But I didn't realise she was this closed minded and unhelpful. Have a look at some quotes, which are less scary than amusingly simplistic. Quotes

Truth At School is a rather upsetting site. Upsetting as it made me realise that out there, there are some paranoid, unhappy people who seek to lift their spirits through bullying and intolerance. Poor sods. I, like them, don't believe schools should promote any sexuality. What I think schools are there for is to teach tolerance, and grown up debate, to allow choice, and to foster cross-community links. It shouldn't promote marriage any more than sodomy. And unlike them I don't believe it should be somewhere where kids are indoctrinated into a way of life that may be harmful to them (i.e. nuclear families where women are treated like cattle and kids like inferior human beings)

I did find a glimmer of hope. A site that offered choice, and called for tolerance. And God was it a suprise! Free to Be Me is a site which offers those who don't want to be gay a place for advice, while not saying that being gay is wrong. Five stars for effort. And I can't believe I just said that! And here is another breath of fresh air Justice and Respect

Where do I stand on homosexual issues? I believe that homosexuals should be treated as equals before the law, I don't believe they should get special treatment (thus I oppose the school in New York). I believe that if you are unhappy being gay you should by all means find a way to change.

Basically what I believe in is equality and choice. Now who can argue with that?