Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The One Good Thing Thatcher Did

Margaret Thatcher. Those two words are ones I usually say with gritted teeth. I am just old enough to remember the end of her time in office. I remember the Poll Tax riots, and the anti poll tax graffiti. I remember how bloody awful the country was back then. I think it's bad now, but I remember the terrible poverty in which she left a lot of people in Snodland.

But there is one act that we should all remember her for... the fight back against the Argentinians. Tomorrow is the 25th Anniversary of the liberation of Stanley and today the Baroness gave a rallying call to the armed forces and the people of the Falklands. Oh my God... she looks and sounds terribly aged. I wasn't best pleased with her suggestion of a connection between what the Forces did in the Falklands (turned back an act of aggression by a foreign power) and what they are up to now (engaging in an occupation after completing a war of aggression against a foreign power). But the rest of it is spot on.


  1. Well, so at least she did something good!

  2. airesbuenos@gmail.com5:47 pm

    Hello, I am from Argentina, but living in Chile since 10 years.
    I am living with an English friend of mine and I know that the decition of a war are part of a very reduced but powerful elites.

    We don´t have to generalize when we talk about if Tatcher did good or bad, and when we talk about liberation.

    Spanish colonizers, when they came to America for the first time, they said they liberate the people from the unlightened spirit of the aborigins. Was it good? Bad?

    Margaret Thatcher declared that thanks to its Secret Services, the United Kingdom was able to defeat Argentina during the Falklands War, in 1982. However, the mystery about the origin of the information remained intact. The TVN television network broadcast on August 30, 2005, a report by Santiago Pavolovic, in which he revealed that it was Chile who actually provided the information to London. Fernando Matthei Aubel, member of the Junta of General Pinochet, gives details about the assistance his government gave to the British colonialism in Latin America.
    We now understand the solicitous way in which the United Kingdom acted to help the old dictator to escape justice.

    Colonialism is good? bad?

  3. We all know about the friendship between the horrid Maggie Thatcher and the far worse Pinochet. He deserved to be brought to justice and it was scandalous the way Britain protected him... however...

    Argentina was in a similar state to Chile at the time, with the military junta in charge. To get our people back from that dictatorship (because we aren't talking about land here, we are talking about 2000 people who were, to all intents and purposes, kidnapped by Argentina) we had to seek assistance wherever we could get it. We didn't want these people to "disappear" the way so many Argentinians had.

    If Argentina has remained peaceful and not INVADED another country, we wouldn't of had to rely on a dictator for assistance.

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