Friday, June 22, 2007

Enfield To Spamlot

So… yesterday was the longest day ever. And I’m not saying that because it was Solstice. I woke at 6 a.m. as I normally do however as I wasn’t going to the office I kind of felt a bit lost. I managed to fit in internet surfing, a full on proper bath and I read some of my book.

After a few hours of this I finally got ready and headed to Liverpool Street station. Sarina and I were off to meet a supplier in Enfield.

What a town! Amazingly ugly. We got off at Enfield Lock station and wandered down to our supplier along roads of horrid looking houses flying St Georges flags in the garden. Eww… really people that flag is just ugly. Fly something beautiful and patriotic such as the Union Jack. Now that’s a flag to be proud of.

After finishing up with the rather friendly suppliers we headed back to London. I headed home, moped about and then headed out to Thursday Wing Night at the Sports Café. A tradition now, and it’s got to the point I’m able to say hi to other patrons who are also there every Thursday. Sat with my usual crew (Meredith, her friend Amanda plus a couple of their mates), despite a lot of people from work being there. Why were people from work there? Because it was a Sam America organised trip to Spamalot night!

We hurridly finished off the wings and we left. Being a stickler for not being late I was soon with the lead people. My foolish, naïve trust in others took over and I followed them as they went the wrong way. Halfway along I was like “Where are we going??” And that was when the usual response was received “We don’t know”. Grr… MUST NOT FOLLOW OTHERS. I need to start taking the lead and arguing my case.

We got to the theatre with just 2 minutes to spare. Yes. 2 minutes. Everyone who knows me will know just how happy I would have been at that moment. NOT VERY.

We took our seats, 4 stories up thanks to our wonderfully cheap balcony tickets. I felt like I was watching a street fight from a skyscraper. And I sat in the front row before discovering that I was just too cramped for words. I was lucky as no one was sitting behind me so I moved back one. I could still touch the floor with my feet from my position on the second row. Yes that’s the floor in the first row. Tiny seats! But at least I was more comfortable.

The show was ok. If you want to go and waste a couple of hours watching an enjoyable show, feel free to go. However if you wish to be properly entertained and want to go home with the songs and jokes still ringing in your head, give this a miss. I suggest you just watch Monty Python and The Holy Grail. It is a million times superior. I left the theatre with “Every Sperm Is Sacred” stuck in my head. That song was NOT in the show.

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  1. Enfield Lock is a bloody ugly place, I live not far from there, but the rest of Enfield isn't bad, for a North London suburb anyway!

    My first comment, although I've been reading your blog for a while now :o)

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