Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not Much To Report

Jim has gone away for another couple of days and life is generally dull at the moment so I have very little to tell you. However...

Pakistan takes things to a whole new level of wrong.What are they on?

The High Commissioner to Pakistan "was summoned so that Pakistan could protest against Britain's "utter lack of sensitivity" in knighting Sir Salman, the foreign ministry spokeswoman said."

Erm... we lacked sensitivity in giving him a knighthood? What about Pakistanis BURNING an effigy of the Queen, the Union Jack and saying it justified suicide attacks? Did that lack sensitivity? Did that stink of brutality, disrespect and backward thinking?

I believe in free speech and Sir Salman should not have to live a life of fear because some small minded bigots find his works "insulting to Islam". That is bad enough. BUT BURNING AN EFFIGY OF HER MAJESTY???

I think the Pakistani High Commissioner needs to be called in to discuss that. Maybe he should explain these insulting actions to us, because I sure don't understand. We knighted a world reknowned writer. They burnt an effigy of the leader of the Commonwealth, Queen of multiple Realms. Which country is "insensitive"? Which country shows a distinct lack of perspective?

God I hate stupid bastards, especially ones who've got religion


  1. *stands and applauds*

    That has to be the best post I've ever seen you write. I actually felt patriotic reading it. Good on you sir.

  2. Are these the same people who got extremely irrate when those journalists printed a cartoon of their 'god' in their newspaper and demanded justice on these people? Hypocrites!

  3. But supporting the right to free speech also means supporting their right to voice their disapproval.

    However, while I'm not sure of the specifics under international law, under Canadian law the right to free speech does not extend to uttering threats and inciting hatred/violence. (I think one could make the argument that the burning of effigies incites hatred/violence.) Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I support free speech (and, of course, Salman Rushdie's knighthood)--even that which I might deem discourteous, insensitive, misinformed, and outright disagreeable--so long as it stays out of the realm of hate speech.

  4. Burning an effigy of a living person is akin to a murder threat. Burning a flag is akin to a declaration of war. Stating that one countries actions justify suicide bombing is immoral.

    In my opinion, none of those things come in the realm of free speech. The Pakistanis went over the top and deserve a stern telling off.

  5. While I disagree with your opinion of flag burning, I'm inclined to be more sympathetic to your comment about burning effigies (I DID say, "I think one could make the argument that the burning of effigies incites hatred/violence"--though I definitely wouldn't take it as far as you have.)

    But I what I also said was that while I support free speech, I don't believe freedom of speech extends to making threats. I have always said that freedom of speech is not absolute, and I wasn't saying that everything that was being said in response to Rushdie's knighthood falls into the realm of freedom of speech.

    My point was that the Pakistanis have the same right to voice displeasure as you do you--a right of which you take regular advantage with this blog!--so long as they don't threaten/incite hatred and violence! Whatever gave you the idea that I was saying they could threaten suicide bombings?!?!

    I know you're angry, but I'm feeling like your comment entirely misrepresents what I wrote...

  6. Aww.... Natalie, it was never my intention to undermine your viewpoint! So if my comment offended you, it was never meant to do so.

    I was not suggesting you had said they would threaten suicide bombings... the Pakistani foreign minister said that the knighthood justified suicide bombings against the UK. That was why I was in a mood. I was annoyed with him, not you!

  7. Oh I see why you might have thought I was saying you had said that now... sorry I had badly phrased that response. Oops.

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