Monday, June 11, 2007


So… yesterday Jim left for America in the morning. I shall miss him this week, I hate it when he is away. Sleeping alone is just no fun.

After a couple of hours of intense procrastination (I almost went down the shop to get breakfast but it was just too much effort) I got ready and headed via the tube to Charing Cross to meet Zoe. I managed to time it just right and got there only a few minutes before her, which is pretty good for me. Normally I’m waiting around for days because I get worried about being late!

After meeting her we headed to Leicester Square and had a meal at Garfunkels. Twas nice but we had to rush off to South Kensington to meet John so missed out on profitta rolls. Most distressing.

Met John outside the Natural History Museum. There was a slight queue at the security section, only a few minutes long, but this asian lady with a pram kept trying to push it. She must of hit my legs ten times trying to “sneak” in between me and the other two. When she realized that 1) I have no sympathy for queue jumpers and 2) I have no sympathy for people wielding prams dangerously near to my legs she gave up and pushed in twenty people ahead of me. Times like that I wish I owned a gun.

We were distraught to find out that the Blue Whale and the entire large mammals section was closed. .Read this to find out why this would distress us so!

Instead we went on a wander around the dinosaurs section (where I got distracted by half naked men, and bored as they haven’t changed that exhibit in about a million years… only so many times you can get excited about 5 year old stuff). We then saw the not so large mammals (such as Polar Bears… tiny things them) and the reptiles, and plants. Just when we thought the excitement couldn’t continue we found a giant baby. That section was just disgusting… graphic depictions of heterosexual sex. Shudder. It’s just so unnatural.

After that we wandered around South Kensington until Vixie arrived. Then we wandered around South Kensignton some more. Then some more. A little bit after seeing a one armed Christ and I was hallucinating ice cream vans we arrived at High Street Kensington. I love walking. I just hate walking when it’s hot. Ok… I just hate it being hot full stop. I like to make my office at work into a functioning model of Antarctica each morning when I arrive.

We had a drink in a pub called the Goat Tavern. Then we wandered some more. Joy. Finally we arrived in Earls Court where we found a delightful Chinese restaurant called The Dragon King. The food was gorgeous! And cheap. They didn’t give us chopsticks though. I think they thought we were common. Bless them.

After that we headed home.

I had a horrible headache so after trying to watch telly I gave up and went to bed. Foolishly forgot to close door so woke up two seconds after falling asleep in a cold sweat. Closed it but didn’t sleep the rest of the night. Darn headache/phobias. Grrr….

People are dumb. Today at Vauxhall station I encountered a man who was tapping the Oyster Card part of the ticket barrier with his ticket and until I taught him where to put the ticket he seemed deeply confused as to why it wasn’t working


  1. Mmmmmm, Garfunkel's...sticky toffee pudding.

  2. They have half naked men wandering around dinosaur exhibits in England? Where's my passport? I love half naked men, and I love dinosaurs. Eureka!

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