Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's All About The Fire

Jim and I have some TV shows we both love... Monk, NCIS, Supernatural. Then there's the US version of Hell's Kitchen. Oh my... this is car crash television at it's very best.

After the first two seasons I thought I was used to the over dramatic editing and to watching stupid Americans (I'm not saying all Americans are stupid, just those on this show!) talk back to Gordon Ramsay (surely they could of just read his entry on Wikipedia to know this is a bad idea??). But this season has upped the ante on bizarreness...

First off... what is it with these men??? Each season the men come across as weak hypochondriacs. This years main culprit? Aaron. He cried before the first service began. He has fainted, collapsed and just been a mess throughout the first two episodes. Get him out!

Secondly... the girls are so bitchy! Do they think this will somehow endear them to Gordon, he who has final say over who stays and goes? Joanna never stops with her bitchiness. Does she appreciate anyone helping her? NO! And Julia spends all her time moaning about no one letting her help them and so has no time left to... help them. And Jen... does she think acting tough is the same as being tough?

Thirdly... the editing is getting silly and quite misleading. At one point in the first episode we are lead to believe Jen had collapsed when in fact she'd simply bent over. Stop it, it all looks really fake... let the real footage speak for itself a bit more.

Finally... the teasers are just too exciting... ambulances? The phrase "Don't die on me"? I can't take it, I need to know what has happened... please...

Jim just called me... from some shop in Boston... I could clearly hear the staff in the shop... I know phones have been around for a hundred years but still it astounds me (simple minds...) that I can hear someone in another country... Maybe my sense of wonder just never went away like it has in most people...

Talking of a sense of wonder...

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