Sunday, June 24, 2007

Brown and Harman To Lead The Labour Party

Gordon Brown, in a shock announcement, is the new leader of the Labour Party. Harriet Harman has been elected Deputy Leader.

From Wednesday Mr Brown will be our new Prime Minister. With Tony Blair's resignation I've been seriously considering my partisan loyalties. I am a fee paying member of the Shepway Liberal Democrats, and I intend to remain one (for my sins). However... I believe that our national leader, in calling for a general election to confirm the new PM (because obviously no one expected him to take over from Tony Blair at some point...), is taking liberties. The Tory Party are only at the beginning of their slide back down the polls after the Cameron boost of the last few months. We cannot risk them getting in to power just because some people haven't had time to work out Mr Cameron is all spin (he makes Tony Blair look like an honest man!) and hot air.

Underneath that lies the stone cold heart of a Tory. He'll have all the fun sucked out of life before you can say "Margaret Thatcher LIVES!" If you want to know what a real Tory is like just see this headline on Private Eye. Wogs and Woofters indeed. I'd like to hear him try to say those words near me.

So on a national level, and here in Greenwich, I will be firmly supporting the Labour party, until such time as I feel the Liberal Democrats have remembered that allowing the Tories back in is far more dangerous for the country than a couple of years of Mr Brown.

The good of the country comes before party loyalties.

Speaking of which... the November the 9th Society has abandoned it's old website and rebranded itself, somewhat disgustingly, as the British First Party. They recently finished ahead of the Liberal Democrats in one local election.

Now what is quite disturbing (and considering who they are it takes a lot to get more disgusting) is that they've gone from being a self confessed Nazi Party of Britain with swastikas and "Zionist conspiracies" to having a political front whose leaflets mention nothing about their Nazism and their website tones it down hidden by all the multimedia goodies. It's very misleading and obviously a desperate attempt to get more votes dishonestly.

Here's my opinion... once a Nazi Party always a Nazi party. As you know I'm a British patriot, someone who believes whole heartedly in our union. But I also remember that this union would not have continued to exist without the assistance of the constituent races and peoples of our former Empire and Commonwealth.

Where would we be without the Poles who flew in the Battle of Britain? Without the Indians, Africans, Canadians, Australians, Chinese, New Zealanders etc. etc? As always throughout history our country is inhabited by people of every nationality imaginable from descendants of the Celts, Saxons and Vikings to Poles, Punjabis, and African-Caribbeans. This is as it's always been and always will be.

And something else I remember, we had an enemy back then in the war who was intent on neutering us and destroying our heritage. Who were they I hear you ask? Why they were the Nazis! The very people whose policies this "new" party and other fascists emulate.

A vote for the Nazi party is a traitorous one against all those who fought in World War II to protect our liberty.

Remember this duplitious party next time you go voting and make sure you keep them out of office.

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