Monday, December 11, 2006

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I had my first Christmas dinner of the year on Saturday. It was the TVW Christmas Do and of course yours truly had been invited to attend.

Jim and I headed down to my parents in the early afternoon and I was quickly roped in to helping put the Christmas tree up. Not really a chore, more an oppurtunity to have some fun. Sadly my sister spent the whole time sulking because I'd told her off for talking back to Mum. I'm a mean big brother.

After that Mum drove me down into Folkestone to the East Cliff Pavillion. Last time I was there was for Eurotunnels Christmas Do 2002. I loitered outside and a few people thought I was the bouncer. I had some fun with that, misdirecting people and such like. Well if they are just going to assume...

Finally Stacey arrived and I gave her a big hug. We went in had a pint at the bar. Despite being exactly 3 minutes late (I keep a close eye on such things) we were the first there. I do believe that no one in Folkestone understands the concept of time. Anyhew... the others quickly arrived, mainly new people I didn't know followed by the old crew who all shouted at me loudly and gave me big hugs which confused the new people. The new people spent the rest of the evening giving me odd looks which said "Who the hell are you???" :) While I was at the bar some petite blonde girl approached me and hugged me. Because I was so in my "TVW" frame of mind I couldn't place her for a moment. It was Becky!! Yes Eurotunnel Becky! I was so pleased to see her.

I got sat at Team C's table who haven't calmed down since I last saw them. Before the starters had been brought out they were already singing (I'm taking some artistic license when I say that) "All I Want For Christmas". It was good to see Stacey though.

Before I'd finished my starter I received a text message. Rob was in the Pavillion with his work! And when I met him at the bar, Olly was there too. Olly was someone I used to walk home from school with as he lived in my street. He also first introduced me to the concept of a soggy biscuit. He corrupted my innocent mind! :)

It was a good night and it was nice to chat with Henry and Rosanna.

Got a taxi home. Weirdest taxi ride of my life. I got in and the taxi driver seemed friendly enough and we drove off. We chatted, he asked me what I did for a living and I told him I worked for an internet company. He said he did too so I asked him what line of business it was. He told me it was a bondage business called Victorian Dover. And so we spent the rest of the journey talking about the ins and outs of bondage. Specifically is it Dominatrixs or Dominatrices as the plural of Dominatrix? Dominatrices loses some of the power of the word...

Sunday after two helpings of breakfast (just like the cats I managed to convince two different people to make me breakfast... mwhahahaha) we headed off to Dorking to go visit Paul and Jane. We had a lovely time with lots of alcohol, food and a trip to their local pub where Jim and Paul were accosted by a rather forward lady while playing pool. :)

Got home about 8pm after a busy weekend. I need a couple of days off to recover from the 20 odd pints of beer and the acres of food consumed. Christmas has arrived!

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  2. mmm. christmas sure starts early there.

    sounds like a helluva good time you had.

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