Sunday, December 03, 2006

Brilliant! Wonderful Christian Love Strikes Again

As a libertarian I dislike any attempt by the Government to force people to do what they don't want to.

The current proposal is to force people who provide goods and services to end any discrimination against people just because of their sexuality. Not only will this mean Christian charities would have to support homosexuals, it would also mean gay bars and gyms would have to let in hetrosexuals (I don't mind the occasional ones but in large groups they tend to be violent, uncultured yobs, and then it gets left to me to sort out). I'm against it. People shouldn't have to serve homosexuals if they don't want to. That way we'll know to avoid them and also mock them if they try to get services from us (or if we see them in the street).

Now the Christians are obviously against this, you know how they like to ignore the whole goodwill to all men, do unto others as you'd have done unto you etc from the Gospel. Bravo to them I say. Just as long as they realise that the Government should immediately take away all funding for Christian projects (and overtly homosexual ones) and disestablish the Church of England. No more religious education in school. No more state religious schools. No more involvement by religious organisations in our Government. True freedom of conscience! But obviously the Christians will go on about how wrong that would be! Think of the history! They want their cake, and they want to eat it too. They can either have freedom of conscience or they can have a piece of my tax pounds. They have to make a decision.

Oh and all queers should ask everyone they serve if they are Christian or not and obviously act accordingly! ("You want your hair cut? By me? HA! I think not Father")

Christmas is coming and Jae's Wishlist is available. I know I'm cheeky but people have bought me things before... :)

Here's some liberal opposition to the churches from the standpoint of supporting the anti discrimination law.


  1. Would that lead to politicians choosing not to represent the people they disagree with?

    Sounds like the UK is inching dangerously closer to becoming the European America.

    Regardless, I'd be against such a measure too.

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