Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Goys

Not in a mood to write so here's one I prepared earlier.

In this world we gays have to put up with homophobia from some hetrosexuals. But the thing that annoys me more than homophobic hetrosexuals is homo homophobics.

Some of them just don't like "camp" guys and think they give the rest of us a bad image. Erm. Camp guys, and tranvestites, are our front line. They are the people who have to put up with the worst of the crap. We need to respect them not attempt to pretend we have nothing to do with them like they are some kind of disease carrier. You can't believe that societies acceptance should be based on us cutting off our more obvious members!

Some of them don't like anal sex or anything that might "feminise" men. They like to call themselves "goys". Now theirs is a perfectly acceptable sexual preference, being into frottage etc is not a bad thing. But the way they talk about the gay community on some of their pages makes me sick. Some even refer to us as perverts! Erm. No. Just because I like anal sex, I'm not a pervert. If I meet a goy who thinks I'm a pervert I may not be able to resist beating their wimpish arses till they scream like a girl. And no. That doesn't turn me on. I just think it'd be a fitting punishment for daring to call me a pervert.

And some of them are just weird. I once dated a guy (I tried to find a link but got distracted by this weird night out...) this guy was obsessed with Maggie Thatcher, hated "blacks" and thought gays should keep to themselves. Obviously this was just one date and I walked out half way through. But really. WEIRD!

So guys. Just live and let live, please!

Jae loves muscle!

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  1. After reading a bit of the "goy" web site, I can only conclude that the author doesn't like anal sex because he has his head up his arse. There's no room for anything else.

    I don't know how it is on your side of the pond, but here in the US there is discrimination among the black community. Mainly it has to do with the lighter blacks vs. darker blacks. I find that just as odd as the infighting and back stabbing that goes on in the GLBT community.

  2. Don't get me started on this...oh well too late.

    One of my pet peeves, even more than the dumbass goys, is the group who say, based apparently on the color of their skin, that "they" don't have any gays because gayness is a character flaw. And their race has stronger character traits than all the others. They have no gays, they have men who have sex with men. Quick, find my blood pressure medicine!

    And excuse me, but I have a feeling that goys are simply a bunch of sissy fags who haven't yet found the right lube.

  3. Oh I love gay men of colour. Yum. I once went out with a black police officer. Talk about all my fantasies rolled into one... :D

  4. Is it time for another one of our (shallow) "hot boy contest?"

  5. Interesting site. I was floored by the banners on the opening page of the site. I have no problem with a person celebrating who they are (for example a male seeing himself as a goy) but why the judgment towards others? Why the hatred? Why the hierarchy that one group is better than another. That gets humanity no where fast, but sadly seems part of our nature. I had not thought before of transvestites as the forefront, but I agree 100%. I wonder if there will ever be a time when people regardless of color, of religion, of sexual orientation, or gender can just exist as they are – being whoever they are, without the torment of feeling less than another. The only person who is less is the one who judges him/herself as better than another.

  6. I've never heard of this saying goy before.

    Well anyway, I'm gay, married and don't have penetrative sex. I don't have a problem with people who do as long as they don't say I'm weird for not wanting to.

    I agreew ith you Jae, but judging by some of the comments on here -it's not all one sided.

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