Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's A Little Bit Funny

I've spent most of the life of this blog, and a long time before it's birth, moaning about wanting to get away from Folkestone and start a new life.

Well it's been 15 months since I finally did it, and it's a wonderful new life I have. But I never expected to miss Folkestone. I used to complain no end about what a horrid place it was. The rude boys (aka the proto-chavs), the whole of Hythe and Michael Howard all joined together to make it a throughly unpleasant place to be.

I got a message from Ben this past weekend to tell me our joint friend Becky had given birth (a little girl called Emily Grace) and I felt a little pang of homesickness. For them, for Laura and Zoe and Sam, for the TVW crew and for sightings of MT (and the sexy bouncer). I actually miss the Leas Club, Wetherspoons, Skuba and Gees. I've not quite found somewhere that I feel quite as much at ease in as I did in those places.

I suppose in a way I don't miss Folkestone per se. More I miss familiarity, friendships and comfort. I think it's about time I got myself back down to Folkestone for a couple of days to catch up. CALLING ALL FOLKESTONE READERS (i.e. Dear Not So Constant Reader ;) ) any dates your all free?

It's funny how you can't go home again, but that'll never stop us trying.


  1. They say the grass is always greener...

    A former fellow teacher uses as her signature a quote but I can't remember the dude. (Shultz or something)

    There are two ways of getting home. The first way is to travel all around the world making your way back. The second way is to stay there.

    You won't mind that I didn't research this to get it accurate will you?

  2. I'm pretty much always free (have no money to go out!). Would be great to see you, miss ya!

  3. Well you know that Elliot and I are always around if you wanna find a leas club-esque place in London :)

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