Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ouch... My Head Hurts

I'm going to say it just the once; I'm never drinking again.

I went out last to Floridita in Soho with work for an accounts do. Service was so slow to start off with that I thought I might manage to make it to midnight sober. Alas. It was fairly cool if a little quiet (in a bad way).

Several people got way more drunk than me so woo... I did not embarrass myself.

Had to wander home down Old Compton Street. Within seconds two teenage hustlers had cornered me, they couldn't have been 16 yet, looking for work. I gave them my newly developed "Leave me alone smile" which is a normal smile with just the right amount of "If you don't back off I'll tear out your throat with these teeth" added to it. It worked a charm.

It was also good at clearing my way through the yobs who were noisily making a nuisance of themselves all the way down Charing Cross road. When I used to come up to London from home I must have worn ruby tinted glasses... I never used to see this much scum back then. Nowadays London seems to be populated by idiots who shout and sing badly. If they were doing it in a pleasant happy way I wouldn't mind, but they tend to be shouting threats of murder and singing about acts of violence against the guys walking in front of them. Joy.

Today I work up with a lovely headache and caught the train with our neighbour Melissa. She spent the whole journey telling me how bad I looked. :)


  1. Poor Jae. Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. And remember, if you give up drinking, smoking and running around you may not live any longer. But it will sure seem longer.

  2. Hello Jae, liked your post. I’m from a London newspaper, and am currently looking for good blog entries to run as extracts in a new column. I’ve just read your recent entries and wondered if you’d give me ring to discuss the possibility with yours.
    With best wishes, Paul 020 7938 7725

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