Thursday, August 10, 2006

Travel Chaos In Perspective

While most of us have expressed concern over the "averted terror attacks on planes" (inverted commas as none of this has been discussed in a court of law so we only have the polices word for it, not that I don't trust them...) I'm glad to see travellers in our fair nation have managed to keep things in perspective.

"We're less worried about the security situation and are more concerned about if we're going to be compensated, especially if we now have to get to France by Eurostar" Phillip Edwards, 55, from Uxbridge. This Dad has his priorities in the right place.

"I'm not scared about flying, I'm more worried about whether it's going to cost me extra and the fact I've got a 24-hour flight with nothing to read." Courtney Vane, 21, from Australia. BBC News brings us such interesting angles on these kind of crisis. I really was wondering if anyone had considered all those poor bored people who'll be flying home tonight.

"When we reached the check-in they told us our flights had been cancelled and we weren't allowed to take on our hand-luggage on to the next flight.

"We then had to buy £109 suitcase to put our hand luggage in. I'm travelling with my jewellery and can't take it with me on board. I hope it arrives home safely." Carmen Lopez, 40 from Ohio, USA. Well I'm sure in an expensive case like that your jewellery would survive a cataclysmic explosion on your plane, so don't you worry a bit!

"I can understand how people are worried about security but the airline has not been helpful.

"We should at least have been given something to eat and drink, as well as money to phone home to tell our families that we will be delayed." Charlotte Demant, a 25-year-old make-up artist from Denmark. You're so right Charlotte how thoughtless of them. All those lazy airport staff sitting around with nothing better to do could come and wait your table and give you some pocket money. Heaven forbid you'd have to fend for yourself in the wilds of Heathrow.

It's not that they felt these things. It's that the BBC used our money to bring us these insightful views. Thanks so much.


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